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New Hair, New Vibe & New Sound: Adam Levine Reinvents Maroon V

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Adam Levine busted out into the pop/rock music scene as the front runner of Maroon V in 2002 with their debut album, 'Songs About Jane.' They received commercial and critical praise and have quite possibly landed the title as the most entertaining, talented and successful pop/rock band of the last ten years.

Their latest single, 'It Was Always You,' explodes a very 80's, Madonna 'I Will Remember' vibe as Adam Levine realizes his best friend for years is the love of his life. 'It Was Always You,' mixes electro, pop beats with a soothing tone that gives the impression Adam Levine is dabbling into the Billy Idol, 80's esque vibe, arguably the best decade of pop music.

Adam Levine and Maroon V have consistently popped out great pop music over the last decade, constantly changing their sound and staying current with the latest trends + still re-introducing past sounds. 'It Was Always You' is heartwarming, sad and happy all at the same time and truly makes you wonder if that person you never kissed, but have been closest to most of your life is the one you belong with. Whether or not you will walk down the aisle with your old friend, co-worker or current best friend, Adam Levine and band have struck gold once again with a new sound, new vibe and sexy album cover.

Maroon V, 'V', is slated to come out on September 2nd. Go ahead and pre-order the album off iTunes and two songs, 'Maps' & 'It Was Always You' will download immediately.

Other Key Maroon 5 tracks: Harder to Breathe, Sunday Morning, Secret, Wake up Call & She Will be Loved.