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New hair filler product hits shelves

Style Edit Hair Filler


Style Edit, the creator of "Conceal Spray", a grey root concealing spray to get you by in between visits to your colorist, have introduced consumers to their very new "Hair Filler" product. Much like the Conceal Spray, Hair Filler comes in blonde, auburn, medium brown and black. Both products come in small aerosol cans that you spray into dry hair using quick bursts afters you've shaken the can really well to make sure for even saturation. One bottle will run you about $20 but is well worth the money. Hair Filler blends in the scalp and makes hair appear fuller and thicker without putting a crazy amount of hair products in your hair.

Products for thinning hair.
Jamie Malan Courtesy of Indulgence Salon

Stylists at Indulgence Salon are ready and waiting to assist you with the Style Edit products and even use a tester on you to demonstrate how to used the products effectively. Celebrating 10 years of business this past January, stylists are highly trained and approved by southwest Florida residents. Offering nails, makeup, hair and skincare you will be guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.