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New Friends Memory Care senior assisted living in Kalamazoo, Michigan

New Friends Memory Care assisted living facility Kalamazoo MI


Finding the right assisted living community for a loved one with dementia is difficult for most families. However, new options in assisted living for persons with cognitive decline is becoming more available.

Cost is an issue and is the first step in arranging for long term care options and working with insurance and medicare. According to Kathy Coats, Marketing Director for New Friends Memory Care in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the cost for assisted living at that facility is around $4,000 per month, compared to $12,000 per month for 24 hour in home care.

A large consideration in choosing that special place for Mom or Dad is to look for living conditions that are clean, attractive, homelike with interaction, communication, compassion, happy atmosphere, and lots of appropriate activity and smiles. Look for a place to call home with assistance in daily living, assistance for medications, alerts to health care providers, good meals and good times.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, New Friends Memory Care, Vibrant Living and Assisted Living, offers 'Best Friends" for top of the line housing, care, activities, nutrition, companionship, with compassion, understanding, communication and interaction.

Assisted living to total care is available in the three cottages. Persons are cared for in levels one to three.

Best Friends home style philosophy

"Best Friend" personnel treat each person with understanding without overwhelming expectations. "Care Friends" and Activity persons listen and interact with each resident within that person's world.

Privacy with companionship

At Kalamazoo, Michigan, three Vibrant Living lodges provide individual suites for private times and assistance of daily living according to need. The apartment sized rooms are well designed and clean and personalized for each resident. The colors are light and airy with large windows to let sunshine in.

Activities keep minds busy and hearts happy.

Activities are geared so that each resident's needs are met within the group. The smell of cookies baked with the residents, warm smiles, soft old time music and a coffee house atmosphere greets a visitor at the door. Activity staff may be communicating with a group in the living room where a movie, or T.V. show is being presented. Special musical performances are on the schedule and the residents seated in the living room eagerly talk about how wonderful the guitar player and singer was that day.

Residents are able to continue special talents and projects in the activity room and one resident proudly displays her art work. Craft work is displayed on a shelf and a lady eagerly shows a visitor which birdhouse she painted and which stuffed snowman she made.

Nutrition is served with style.

Nutrition is served in a restaurant style with a certified chef. Food is served according to need and taste in a presentation fit for fine dining in family style.

Visitors and families are made to feel welcome.

Residents living in the lodges are warmed by visits from family and friends. One of the biggest issues with people in anticipating a move away from what they've always known as home is losing connection to those they love. At New Friends Memory Care, visitors are made to feel welcome. Residents can visit company in their apartments, in the living room or in the dining area.

At the end of a visit, family members and others regret having to leave. The lodges are all secured without giving a locked in feeling to residents. Entering and leaving requires visitors to request entry or leaving, however, persons in the group are kept safe from wandering or being subjected to unwanted visitors.

Contact New Friends Memory Care at Kalamazoo, Michigan

3700 West Michigan Avenue

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Ask for Kathy Coats at 269-372-6114

Find long term care monetary assistance at


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