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New coffee vendor opens in Phoenix Arizona

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Coffee vendor in Phoenix Arizona


A new coffee spot made its way to the Phoenix community and the owners are serving their premiere product with a smile.

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Welcome to Junkies Coffee! Junkies Coffee is not a cafe shop, restaurant, or store. This particular coffee shop is a mobile vending cart that serves a variety of flavorful coffee drinks and other mixed beverage infusions.

Christian and Melissa O’Leary are the proud owners of Junkies Coffee Co. The husband and wife team met in high school in 2003, got married in the fall of 2006, and married for more than seven years.

Junkies Coffee is paving the way to becoming one of Arizona’s most talked about vending stops within the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Residents and visitors within the Phoenix community can enjoy a cup of fresh coffee concoctions, choice of Italian cream soda flavors, and ice coffee blends too.

Not only does Junkies Coffee serve beverages to patrons, the vendors also sell muffins and pastries to compliment any drink item.

Phoenix Healthy Food Examiner, Tiffani Maynor, received a special invitation by the coffee cart's owners to sample a few beverages on the menu.

“We utilize ingredients without preservatives,” says Melissa O'leary. The 27 year old teaches dance and enjoys working with kids. “The syrup that we use to flavor our coffee is made from pure cane sugar; not high fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners.”

The owner's goal is to introduce, deploy, and serve their product throughout the Arizona community. Junkies Coffee will be located at 16101 North 83rd Avenue at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria Arizona during the Major League spring training events.

Junkies Coffee will be at the sports complex through March 28, 2014. Map and location of the complex location can be viewed by clicking the link here: Peoria Sports Complex

Local residents and visitors can go online, view Junkies' Coffee menu, or retrieve address information of the coffee cart’s current and future site locations.

Coffee enthusiasts seeking a vendor to host weddings or private party events are welcome to go onto Junkies' Coffee website, select the "Hire Us" link to begin the process. To learn more about Junkies Coffee visit or contact Christian and Melissa O’Leary at (623) 398.9412.