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New Christian fiction book for teens

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Second World


Are you seeking a well-written, Christian fiction book for your teen? If so, consider purchasing a copy of Second World by R. M. Wagoner. A first-time published author, Wagoner, succeeds at producing a family-friendly novel that explores the supernatural realm from a Christian perspective.

Second World tells the story of a little girl (Claire) who struggles to cope with the death of her grandparents and the emotional ups and downs of being part of a dysfunctional family where unhealthy conflict, bad behavior, disrespect and emotional abuse are the norm. To top it off, Claire has to learn how to manage a very special gift that makes it possible for her to see and communicate with spirits.

Wagoner's book offers a fictional account of what it might feel like for a child to explore her faith and grapple with the conflicting actions of the adult believers in her life. Although it starts off slow, the book gains the right momentum as Wagoner introduces a host of interesting characters that infuse just the right drama, suspense and hope into the story.

Teens who read the book may not care that their hearts are being stirred toward God, but parents who make the decision to purchase the book for their teens will appreciate the opportunity to expose the adolescents in their lives to a book that gets them thinking - in a very imaginative way - about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.