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New children’s fairytale about two men falling in love

Papa's Prince


The story of two men falling in love is told through the eyes of a young girl in the new short film, “Papa’s Prince.” The story starts out with a young girl having the “I have two dads” conversation with a young boy her age.

Papa's Prince
Ted Sod & Blake McCarty

“How does my mom know your dad?” the boy asks.
“What dad?” the girl replies.
“I don’t know. Your dad.”
“Right, but does she know Tom or Javier?”
“I don’t know.”
The young girl sighs before explaining, “I have two dads.”

While this introduction to the topic of having two dads is very familiar, the short film takes an interesting twist as the young girl goes off on an elaborate, fairytale story about how her two dads met. She introduces one of her dads as a frog, and in a way that only a child could do, she continues to reveal how everything started when he moved to New York City. “One day,” she explains, “while he was ribbiting, something supercalifragilisticexpialidocious happened.”

The adorable story, written and produced by Ted Sod, mixes live action and stop motion animation throughout the film. The film is topped off with a silly song about the frog claiming he’s a prince (who happens to look very similar to a Putin Barbie Doll).

On YouTube, Sod explains how “Papa’s Prince” came about:

"Some time ago, I asked Blake McCarty if he wanted to collaborate on a short film inspired by my "granddaughter" Viv. Viv was adopted at infancy by our friends Michael and Calvin, and because there were no grandparents in her life, she in turn adopted me and my partner as "The Gramps". 

Together, Blake and I co-wrote the screenplay, and asked Michael Biello and Dan Martin if we could use their song "Come Closer" from the musical "The Cousins Grimm" as part of the story. The result is a seven-minute musical short mixing live action and stop motion animation. The story focuses on a 7-year-old girl (coincidentally named Viv) who invents a fairy tale about how her Dads met as a way to entertain her new friend, Henry.

So many people are involved in making a film -- it indeed takes a village -- and we hope you enjoy "Papa's Prince" as much as we have enjoyed making it. We are thrilled that it is ready for gay pride month."

We need more stories like this, where same-sex relationships are explained in age appropriate ways. “Papa’s Prince” masters the storytelling by adding humor, music, and stop animation to keep a child engaged. The story also succeeds in having a teachable moment without being preachy. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from Ted Sod and Blake McCarty, who co-wrote the screenplay.

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