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New bottomless brunch at Toro Toro

Toro Toro Bottomless Brunch
Toro Toro Bottomless BrunchPriya Konings

Toro Toro


Since all of Richard Sandoval’s DC restaurants offer a bottomless brunch deal, he knew he would have to offer the same option at Toro Toro, his newest venture in the area. But this time he decided to mix things up a little bit by offering a bottomless champagne brunch deal that features a buffet instead of unlimited small plates. The change is refreshing, and it allows the restaurant to offer a whole host of dishes that are both seasonal and cultural.

While brunch buffet menu is constantly evolving, but you can be sure the Latin-American spread will feature some seriously tasty dishes. Smoky poblano scrambled eggs, potatoes with peppers, and tortilla Espanola are some of the most popular options being offered right now. Deep-fried plantain empanadas are bursting with south of the border flavor, as are the spicy and cheesy chilaquiles verdes.

Vegetarians will love the gorgeous Argentinean chimichurri served with grilled asparagus, orzo salad with tomatoes and feta, and a fresh caprese salad made with thick slabs of tomato and mozzarella, loads of summery basil leaves, and a generous drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar. The veggie options are plentiful; there is also a creamy corn and potato salad, a huge fresh fruit platter, and an elaborate cheese platter. Avocado is also in abundance, with smoked guacamole and a chunky avocado salad.

Those in need of a carb-fix should head straight for house made croissants and biscuits, both of which are buttery and flaky to the max, and the desserts. Sweets are of course in abundance with nutella waffles (served with chocolate sauce!) and whimsical jars of caramel pie and blueberry pie.

Wash all of this down with mimosas made either with orange juice, passion fruit puree, blood orange puree, or pineapple puree, spiked lemonade or a Bloody Mary from a make-your-own-Bloody-Mary bar. The base of your Bloody Mary is your choice of either vodka or tequila (hey, what’s a Latin American restaurant without a tequila drink?) Just FYI: sobriety is not on the menu.

Toro Toro, 1300 I Street Northwest Washington DC 20005, 202-682-9500