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New Book - A Girl's Guide to Greatness: Mystical Paths for Magical Women

New Book by local Author Zailyn Prada

Book "A Girl's Guide to Greatness: Mystical Paths for Magical Women"


Here is a scientific approach to the mystical in a way never before exposed in the genre of self-improvement books. The author uses resources and well known speakers and authors to support her method of meditation, visualization, guided imagery, and yoga to help the reader understand the process by which the women profiled in the book overcome a series of life's challenges.

While the book is anecdotal. The methods are well known, and the experts quoted, "Louise Hay", "Maya Angelou", "Rita Justice", "William Bridges", are well known scholars in their fields.

The book creates a composite of characters from the stories of the author's clients with names changed for obvious reasons, and the methodology the author and transpersonal counselor used to assist them in their personal transition through some of life's greatest challenges. The book addresses unemployment, career transitions, infertility, co-dependence, weight control battles, divorce, and single parenting. The characters are human with human emotions, who share their imperfections and struggles.

The author also calls on her personal experience with the use of affirmations, guided imagery, meditation, and yoga, and offers a full meditation that can assist the reader to reach the state of relaxation which will evoke alpha brain waves and heighten awareness and access to one's inner guides or inner voice.

The book can be deep and profound, but also has a light hearted feel to it, as the author does not leave out the outrageous and almost comical reactions we all seem to have when faced with not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are going through something you think is overwhelming or you feel unable to resolve, maybe taking the time to read this short inspirational book is the answer. It's a wonderful read with a cup of tea or glass of wine over a weekend.

"A Girl's Guide to Greatness: Mystical Paths for Magical Women" is available directly from the author on her website at or online at or

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