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New Beauty plus Spring Test-tube equals delight

new beauty spring test-tube


Hello all beauty experimenters! Spring has been with us for a few months, and with each groovy season comes a new Test-tube from New Beauty. The spring delivery was not a disappointment. As an examiner writer devoted to actual research of articles, this reviewer has applied for all of the box programs. (Well most of these, the count is up to 15 and some will not be continued) Some are pricey, some are not so pricey-but overall the prices are about twenty to thirty dollars per month for samples of new and upcoming beauty and health products. Of these 15 programs, three are tied for the number one position. New Beauty’s Test-tube is one of these three.

Within the shipment eight items arrived, three of these were full size. These products are not low end products, which makes this box program so exceptional. Included was a box of ' tantowel classic' These are self-tan towelettes half body applications for face and body. A 'Mally' evercolor shadow stick-which is absolutely fantastic due to the ability to stay all day and not crease or wear away. This was sent in a coral pink, but it is a strong coral that is noticeable even if you use just a pinch. A package of two'Revision Skincare' a three in one anti-aging tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that conceals corrects and protects. It states that it will match every skin tone every time, and it does! It is truly impressive. This does brightens and evens out skin, with just blending. Very nice!

There was also a tube of 'YU-BE' moisturizing skin cream. This concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream delivers serious hydration heal super dry skin from head to toe. And this cream does not have any sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Super great for the planet and your skin. Also include was a deep conditioning mask for damage dry or chemically treated hair named 'BRIOGEO' This mask is vitamin infused with the good hair essential vitamins A, B5, D and E. 'JERGENS' bb body perfecting skin cream was included in a full size tube. It is bb cream for the whole body, so not only your face will have visible perfection.

This reviewer’s favorite piece in the box this time was a new item,' MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL' flawless cleansing conditioner. This item was emptied first, and purchased once it was emptied at the closest ULTA store. It is quite different, since the shampoo is foamless. However the results are outstanding. It is like six items in one- shampoo, conditioner, detangle, anti-frizz, volume increasing, and shinning spray. The shampoo when purchased is at a salon price, but just consider how many products you actually knock off the shopping list. It is worth it.
These products will make you feel angelic. Until next time austin beauties, stay beautiful inside and out.