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New Avengers #14 — Review

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New Avengers #14


There used to be a time when you could pick up a Marvel or DC book mid-run, or well into its run — the latter being impossible nowadays, with constant #1 reboots — and get enough out of the story to make sense of it and be intrigued. Even if the issue you’d picked up was in the middle of an ongoing arc. If it was structured well, then there’d be just enough for the new reader to get hooked, while still moving the story forward, and containing enough new details for the longtime readers.

Those days seem to be gone. And the New Avengers #14 (not to be confused with the previous New Avengers from a couple of years ago) is evidence of that. I picked this one up because it featured a favorite character, Dr. Strange, and artwork from Simone Bianchi, one of the better current artists.

Unfortunately, and apparently, writer Jonathan Hickman was only concerned with talking to the readers who’d been on board since (I guess) issue #1, and likely a number of cross-over issues. It was convoluted and filled with countless references to other events, leaving me very little to latch on to. At the end, despite a cool scene of a villain being saved by his arch-nemesis, and a cryptic last bit of dialog, there was noting to compel me to seek out previous issues, or buy the next one.