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New 52 Teen Titans #1 review

teen titans #1


Here we go again with a new Teen Titans comic book series from DC Comics New 52. This series we have Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy, Red Robin, and Bunker teamed up to fight off the bad guys. The story is written by Will Pfeifer with art by Kenneth Rocafort.

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The comic has some beautiful art work. The colors are ultra vibrate and the story is well written and easy to follow along with. I would say this is a great comic to start with if you are new to comic books or new to the Teen Titan series. I, myself, am new to the Teen Titan Series and I really enjoyed this issue. I didn't feel that I was lost because of my lack of Teen Titan knowledge. The story starts off with a ton of action. There was no down time in this issue at all. The story opens with a bus full of school girls getting hijacked by a bunch of crazy people. This crazy people take over the air waves and tell the world about the problems they have with S.T.A.R Labs.

Like any classic superhero story, Teen Titans saved the day, for now. I did find it to be kind of predictable. Like always the day is saved, but one of the crazies got away. It was a good start to what I would hope to be a amazing story. It did leave me with some question, like who is this masked lady in all black out to get S.T.A.R Labs and what is S.T.A.R Labs up to to piss this lady off so bad?

I am interested in seeing where this story takes us. I haven't read much about Wonder Girl, so I'm excited to see more of her and learn more about her back story. Are you planning on picking up this issue? If so, what are your hopes for the series in a whole?