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Neuro Drinks: A change for the better

Neuro Drinks


With all the enhanced drink options you have to choose from, chances are you’ve found a brand you like and grab it without giving new options a fresh look or thought. We’ve revisited Neuro Drink and thoroughly enjoyed our new favorite option.

Some drinks just get better

Neuro Drink’s 4 varieties use proprietary ingredients, without any artificial anything, have a slightly effervescent quality, are low in calories and are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Their flavors are distinct, but not overpowering. We've even used Neuro in our cocktail recipes with great success.

Bliss has a blend of L-theanine, choline alphoscerate, chamomile and phosphatidylsereine (SerinAid®). These ingredients work with your body’s natural chemistry to help you relax and boost your mood (classic Original and two new flavor sensations, White Raspberry and Summer Citrus Berry)

Sleep with melatonin with L-theanine, magnesium and 5-HTP providing many with a restful, delightful sleep

Sonic offers a controlled caffeine level, combined with L-theanine, choline alphoscerate and SerinAid® to help deliver energy and mental performance without the “jitters” or “the crash.” It’s the perfect early or late day drink and ideal when you need to focus (available in three delicious flavors: classic Wild Berry Original and their two new flavor knockouts, Super Fruit Infusion and Blood Orange Passion)

Daily which supports a healthy immune system with 1000 IU of Vitamin D and a precise mixture of vitamins A, C, and E, plus Zinc and Selenium in a delicious Tangerine Citrus sparkling drink

Each Neuro variety strives to identify real peoples’ daily needs. They source out the best ingredients from around the world to help solve problems and they take genuine, real pride and initiative in the enjoyment of quenching your thirst. We love their philosophy which just adds to the enjoyment of this product.

Diana Jenkens, founder of Neuro Drinks (as well as an incredible philanthropist) wanted to create intelligent dietary supplements that could help people everywhere make better choices for healthy lifestyles. Her neuro drinks are fun and fashionable. They can be consumed from morning to night and provide essential functional support whenever... wherever. We think she did a great job.

Find Neuro Drinks on most Long Island grocery shelves in the beverage aisle.

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