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Network Storage- Netgear ReadyNAS RN102 First Impressions

Netgear ReadNAS 102 2 Bay


The Netgear ReadyNAS RN102 is one of the best new desktop network storage solutions I have seen in a while. As you read on I am sure you are going to find that this is more than a just a review, promotional piece or product pitch, this is a testament to a company that has produced some of the best networking devices on the market.

Front view of the ReadNAS 102 door closed
Store your data and media content in your own private cloud

My Universal Considerations for a Product

1. A company’s history?

2. Product reliability?

3. Ease of use?

4. Support?

5. Product efficiency and productivity

The Bonus:

6. Are they activity engaging and listening to their marketplace and Online?

As a professional photographer I am constantly entrusted and privileged to some of the most sensitive information and situations with my clients. As a business owner I have to do everything within my power to protect my client’s images, privacy, and processes, it’s an ethical responsibility I owe them. Storing and protecting my images and data is critical and a process I continually evaluate.

Why Trust Netgear?

20 years ago I managed operations for a company and Netgear was our “go to” computer hardware vendor for routers and NIC cards. Back then the computing environment changed fast. We used Netgear products because they were always stable, easy to install and cost effective. No matter how fast technology changed Netgear always kept pace. When Netgear asked me to join the ambassador program, I thought of it as an opportunity to not only talk about their products but also share my past experiences about the company.

Is “ReadyNas (RN102)” More of the Same Storage Solution Cloud Hype?

No, hype here! The ReadyNAS system is pretty straightforward. In a “nutshell” the system offers disk or diskless storage, your own personal cloud, virus detection, integration with Dropbox, and some backup features at no additional cost outside of the removable drives you might buy to increase your space and that’s the beauty of the system.

The biggest advantage I have seen so far with the ReadyNAS system is being able to access my documents and images online, from home to the studio, through my own private cloud. Netgear calls this “Remote Access” and you can do it using any Android or iOS device. The great part about the system is I didn’t have to spend any more money on subscription fees for the NAS benefits.

Imagine the cost of storing thousands or a million of RAW, 100 MB PSD or TIFF files off site on a cloud system, expensive! Add a few PowerPoint and Key Note presentations to the mix and it gets pretty pricey, quick. In the past getting files and images on the road was too painful to even think about or upload due to space limitations and cost.

“With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralizing, securing, and sharing those critical assets.” -Netgear

If you are looking for a cost effective means to manage your assets in a cloud environment from anywhere with an Internet connection outside of the mainstream offerings, the ReadyNAS (RN102) is a great choice and a must buy, watch the video and see why. It’s easy to setup, small so it does not take up a lot space on your desktop, and when your drive fills up you can just pull it out and insert a new one, its that simple!

My Own Challenges

My natural instinct was to plug my LAN cable into the back of my iMac as if I was plugging in a hard drive, I wouldn’t recommend that. Plug your ReadyNAS solution into a router so your computer network can see it unless you’re a computer wiz, I’m not anymore?

I am a “die heart” Apple user and it’s always disappointing when you don’t see a Mac OS set up file. Although my installation disk did not have any Mac OS files clearly labeled. I was able to click on an “Index.html” file, which took me to a browser page and documentation links that I followed to install the network software and it was smooth sailing after that.

The Verdict

Netgear has been around a long time and their products have always been at the forefront of the consumer professional markets. Unlike other systems out there, ReadyNAS is priced well and loaded with easy to use features that a novice could understand, install, and take advantage of. Over the next few months I will update my experiences and uses with ReadyNAS on my blog and on as I progress and grow with the system.

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