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Netflix is good for one thing…Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black


Many of us are impatiently counting down the last weeks of winter. Spring is almost here! Yes! Spring equals warmer weather, sunshine, flowers, and all that jazz, but it also means that Netflix's original comedy-drama Orange is the New Black will premiere its second season! So, you know what that spells out for you, right? It means that you have more than enough time to binge watch the first season before the second season premieres.

Meet the cast

To give you a brief idea about Orange is the New Black, it follows main character Piper's experiences while serving a stint in jail; she's convicted for being a drug mule for her ex-girlfriend 10 years earlier (the statute of limitation had almost run out). When she's indicted, she had just settled into the straight and narrow life. She had a fiancé, Larry. Plus, she and her best friend started a successful beauty product line that was featured at high-end boutiques and department stores. The show also focuses on other inmates and their family members who are not imprisoned.

Now, why I do I like the show? Well, there are many reasons, but I'll keep it short. For one, I like how the characters are complex, and we get their backstories (sometimes) of how they ended up in jail. These little vignettes give them some humanity and make viewers sympathize with the characters' plights because it could be any woman in these situations, not just poor, misguided youth. Another thing I like about the show is the fine line Orange is the New Black dabbles with the combination of humor and social issues. For example, when Crazy Eyes becomes obsessed with Piper, she calls Piper her "dandelion" and says how they can be "chocolate and vanilla swirl." Some inmates even call Piper "Taylor Swift" when she first arrives, even though she has no likeness to the superstar, other than the fact that she's white. The show uses ironic humor to show how all of the women are pretty much the same, despite their ethnic differences.

To me, it's no Lockup: Raw or Oz by any stretch of the imagination, but it still seems so real because jail is not presented as a lovely place meant to vacation. Now, I will say that this show is highly inappropriate for kids; hence, the TV-MA rating. But, if profanity, nudity, and unorthodox sexuality won't get your panties in a bunch, sign into your Netflix and get to watching! It won't disappoint.

Let me know what you think about Orange is the New Black. Also, if you're already a fan, leave behind what you think will happen in the second season.