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‘NES Remix’ Review: You’ll Be Counting Stars

nes remix


NES Remix” is too much fun to put down.

Powered by a myriad of classic games and aided by frenetic button-mashing and beat the clock gameplay, “NES Remix” is an old-school blast.

Although it’ll never wow you visually, the warm, cozy feeling these games induce is timeless. Through the game’s first few objectives, which range from killing off enemies in the original Mario Bros to using the hammer successfully in “Donkey Kong,” the game manages to hook its grips around your hands. Sure, they may not impress older gamers initially, once the difficulty ramps up, the ‘80s kid- and their father, won’t want to share the Wii U gamepad, with anyone.

For decades, there’s been no real way to measure how good someone is in “Super Mario Bros.” or Excitebike.” Aside from the fun gameplay, the objective-based nature of “NES Remix” will put your skills to the test in a way those classic games never could. Often times, you’ll have to replay games to get a better score and enough stars to unlock the next challenge. For this reason alone, “NES Remix” is able to revitalize those classic games you grew up on and make them fun all over again.

From the second that you fire up the Wii U, “NES Remix,” drenches you in old-school nostalgia. From the sound effects to control, everything that you loved about your favorite Nintendo Entertainment games is fully-intact. While many of those classic levels remain the same, the objective-fueled gameplay, although rather simple at first, becomes much more difficult than you think.

Once you progress far enough to see your favorite games remixed, well, that’s when the game truly begins.

Don’t think seeing Link traverse through a level of “Donkey Kong” isn’t cool? Think again. Like Nintendo usually does, they manage to take a successful and simple formula and put enough of a twist on it to make the new experience just new enough to warrant our full attention.

The gameplay in “NES Remix” also sets the table for youngsters who never experienced them the first time around. By the time you’re fist deep into the game, they’ll have the same type of appreciation for these classics as gamers twice their age.

At the same time, getting to experience the remixed stages with those same tikes is also the type of fun that can’t be explained and is a redeeming quality that can’t be taken for granted. A big dose of something old, with a nice slab of something new, witty and equally as charming goes a long way here.

Again, while it’s never a revolution, it’s the type of experience you’ll remember and enjoy.


Old is New Again Gameplay: The objective-based gameplay mechanics make your favorite childhood games fun again.

So Many Games to Choose From: From “The Legend Of Zelda” to “Balloon Fight,” there’s something here for everyone.

Remix Modes Rock: Imaginative, yet logical, the remixed levels are a great alternative to the standard game but also manage to add a level of wonder to what would have otherwise been a fun, yet simple rehash of classic games.


No 3DS Connectivity: This game would have been even better on the go. Although it doesn’t need much in second screen support, the simple eight-bit graphics and straight forward control could have made this a must have on Nintendo’s popular handheld.

Bottom Line:

With so many things to do and experience, “NES Remix” is a blast from the past that works wonderfully on the WIi U. Although it doesn’t challenge the system hardware in any way, it’s a title that accomplishes Nintendo’s main objective of getting families and friends to play together.

A copy of this game was provided to Examiner for review purposes.

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