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'NES Remix 2' brings classic Nintendo games back, but leaves us wanting more

NES Remix 2 (Wii U)


NES Remix 2 brings a whole new bunch of classic Nintendo games on April 25 and it brings them in a way that makes them new again. The game doesn’t offer a whole lot more than the original NES Remix but if a gamer is looking for more of the same, this is something that will provide hours of fun.

NES Remix 2
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

NES Remix 2 plays almost exactly the same way as the original, offering up the ability to unlock new games and levels the more the game is played. Those who have been big time lovers of Nintendo from way back are going to enjoy seeing games like Dr. Mario and Kirby’s Adventures again. The one big drawback to this title is it would actually be better if gamers were simply able to play the classic games again in one re-mastered package.

Instead, levels are offered up a piece at a time and the entire games are never offered up, except for the remixed version of Super Mario Bros which is actually Super Luigi Bros in NES Remix 2. This is the original game, that one that brought so much success for so many years to Nintendo with some slight tweaks. Instead of playing as Mario, gamers now pick up and play as his taller and betting jumping brother Luigi. For some reason, the action now unfolds from right to left. Everything else is exactly the same but going in a different direction than almost any other game on the market does add a level of difficulty that isn’t expected.

Despite knowing exactly what you have to do, and with the difficulty levels set exactly as they were back in the day, Super Luigi Bros is still surprisingly hard to advance very quickly. Other than that, there is almost nothing offered up that hasn’t been seen before, literally. This isn’t a matter of a game being completely redesigned. NES Remix 2 gives the player what they’ve seen before (albeit 20 years ago) and offers up a new way to play games like Wario’s Woods.

NES Remix 2 does make these games somewhat new because the point of the stages isn’t simply to clear them like back in the old days. NES Remix 2 has specific goals players have to accomplish in order to earn as many as three stars. Tally up enough stars and you can unlock new games and new modes. NES Remix 2 doesn’t make it so there is a certain path to grab the stars though players will butt up against a limit to the stages if they focus on one remixed game and ignore the others.

If NES Remix 2 fans are also fans of Tetris, this is the title for them. Too many of the games have to do with matching colors or shapes like that old Russian classic. Some of that might simply be the rebirth in interest in those types of games. It might also be they were the easiest to remix. Whatever the case, there isn’t a whole lot of diversity in what can be played.

NES Remix 2 falls short using this approach, because it would quite a bit more fun to get a look at a ton of different games, instead of a bunch of the same kind. Nintendo seemingly had something they could build on by offering up tidbits of different old school games, but it seemed to go the easier route with NES Remix 2. That isn’t to say there isn’t plenty to play for people who like the titles NES Remix 2 has to offer, it just means those who aren’t’ really interested in playing different versions of Tetris are likely not going to be drawn into this NES Remix sequel.

NES Remix at its core is also a game that doesn’t appear to be one that is supposed to be played for hours at a time. NES Remix 2 is designed so people can pick it up, play it for 20 or 30 minutes and when they grow tired of it, can put the controller down without losing anything close to losing their spot.


  • Brings a new look to classic Nintendo games
  • Super Luigi Bros. is the full game outside of the NES Remix 2 accomplishment system
  • Doesn’t require a great deal of time investment all at once


  • NES Remix 2 doesn’t offer much in the way of different games, too many are Tetris-like
  • Not different enough from NES Remix
  • Doesn’t really hold the attention of the gamer for long periods of time.

A review code for NES Remix 2 for the Wii U was provided to for the purposes of this review.

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