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Neon Trees take a walk down memory lane in 'First Things First' music video

'First Things First' by Neon Trees


Neon Trees has released a music video for the song 'First Things First' off their new album Pop Psychology, which is available now.

'First Things First' is the latest music video from Neon Trees, seen here arriving at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo by Michael Buckner

'First Things First' tells the story of how the band was formed starting with lead singer Tyler Glenn leaving home at age 21. The video is full of old photos giving a look into the band's history (or at least as much of a look as you can get in the length of a music video). It's a very well made five minute collage.

No question about it, this video gets a thumbs up. But frankly they could have thrown anything together and it would still be worth a look because the song itself is so good.

You should definitely check out 'First Things First' by Neon Trees. While watching see if you can spot a brief appearance by Lady Gaga, she shows up in one of the photos.