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Neon Trees, Smallpools, Nightmare and the Cat fill The Fillmore

Neon Trees, Smallpools, Nightmare and the Cat at The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
Neon Trees, Smallpools, Nightmare and the Cat at The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
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Neon Trees concert


On Sunday night The Fillmore was packed with people of what seemed like all ages patiently awaiting the return of Neon Trees to the Detroit stage.

The set was extravagant and the lighting was fantastic; singer Tyler Glenn had quite the dramatic entrance, appearing at the top of the stairs decked out in a yellow suit holding a microphone decorated with pink dots while fog was swirling around him.

Glenn’s voice is incredibly unique and my god can he sing. As has been said before he has a few signature dance moves, the main one being the toe-tipper, where he gets up on his toes like a pointe ballet dancer.

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Bassist Branden Campbell had an incredibly flashy guitar, guitarist Chris Allen had a matte blue guitar that matched is stylish velvet blazer, and drummer Elaine Bradley was lit so well she looked like a queen.

Neon Trees’ set list started out with a tune from previous album Picture Show called “Lessons In Love” followed by a great one from the band’s debut album Habits called “Your Surrender.”

They broke from the oldies for an infectious piece from newly released album Pop Psychology entitled “Love In The 21st Century,” followed by smash hit single “Animal” that got everyone in the room dancing.

The majority of the rest of the show included tracks off Pop Psychology (this tour was, after all, called the Pop Psychology Tour) with a cover of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” and The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” thrown into the mix, along with a few tunes likes “Trust” and “Mad Love” from Picture Show. And of course the band closed out their set with the anticipated current single “Sleeping With A Friend.”

Neon Trees were called back on stage for an encore and a giant pink brain was inflated at the top of the stairs, resembling the brain on the cover of the band’s new album. The encore marked Glenn’s third outfit change but the pink he was no wearing perfectly matched the pink brain.

The band surprised everybody when preceding single “Everybody Talks” did not mark the end of the show, and went on to end with new tune “First Things First.”


This band is just fantastic. They were great tour support for Neon Trees; their songs are absolutely infectious, and while singer Sean Scanlon spends the majority of his time behind his keyboard, he stepped out for a bit during a new song to greet the crowd at the barricade and was received with incredibly open arms.

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Nightmare and the Cat:

Hailing from London this band is onto something; check out their single “Undercover.” You wouldn’t think this band would be as fun as they are live. Singer Django Stewart is full of hair flips and definitely utilizes his stage space.

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