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NeNe Leakes teams up with HSN to launch 'The NeNe Leakes Collection.'

The NeNe Leakes Collection


Reality TV star and actress Nene Leakes is taking a break from bickering with fellow housewives to dive into the fashion world with her new line "The Nene Leakes Collection."

The best looks of NeNe
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
NeNe Leakes launches "The NeNe Leakes Collection."
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is teaming up with the everlasting Home Shopping Network for the release of her self proclaimed line on July 28.

Mrs. Leakes took to her website on July 10 to excite fans with a picture of a traditional fashion sketch of two women in printed designs captioned:

We are just days away from our launch of 'The Nene Leakes Collection,' available July 28! I will be live in the HSN studio so I hope you will be tuning in. Remember, we offer sizes 2-24!"

No official photos or sneak peaks have been released to support the Georgia Native's clothing line; Nene wants to surprise fans with her new hustle.

Having multiple roles is nothing new to the 46 year old former stripper who went from the pole, to reality TV to having permanent roles on "Glee" and the now canceled comedy "The New Normal."

On the RHOA Nene brags to her fellow castmates about being a "Rich" you know what and throws her attitude around like it is the new style, but does she have what it takes to rip the runways with her designs?

Let's face it, Miss Nene is not the best dressed peach on the tree and her choice of hairstyles are often very questionable.

Nene is often seen on the RHOA wearing long, drapping, long sleeve shirts that are not flattering although appealing for her age, it is not many woman looking for her "look."

There have been many failed clothing lines by up and comers, but they all do not have HSN backing them with a live show.

"The Nene Leakes Collection" is yet another adventure that can be added to Mrs. Leakes long resume.

In an interview with WWD magazine, Nene gives an outlook on her new venture:

"My vision was to create a line that would appeal to every woman, designed to make her feel rich and fabulous, no matter how much it costs. The pieces can take you from day to night, from the grocery store to drinks with girlfriends."

Nene will now have a more interesting storyline for the upcoming season of RHOA; A role of a business woman and not of a bitter peach.

But I have to ask: What about sizes 0 and 1?!

Nene's line will launch July 28 on HSN and

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