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Neighbors offers Nasty Nonsense, Lacks Comedic Charm

Rogen & Efron Clash
Rogen & Efron ClashGoogle Images

Neighbors (movie)


When the trailer for 'Neighbors' starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron & Rose Byrne exploded onto commercials and movie screens a few months ago, I was stoked that Rogen and Efron decided to team up for a raunchy, rated-R comedy. With the acting assistance of Byrne and James Franco's hot, rising newcomer brother, Dave Franco, 'Neighbors' was surely going to be an awesome comedy in the same category as Bridesmaids, 21 Jump Street & Knocked Up.

Nope. Other than a hilarious cameo from Lisa Kudrow as the college dean and a few awe moments from the cutest little baby you'll ever see on the silver screen, 'Neighbors' lacks the comedic timing that usually accompanies Seth Rogen and team. That quick, clever wit and the genius gift from Rogen and his entourage evaporated as soon as Rogen & Byrne finished screwing on the living room chair in the opening scene. Not only is the movie boring, slapstick and just stupidly silly, it's corny as hell. 'Neighbors' clocks in a little over 90 minutes, but feels longer than 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' which if you recall, is almost three hours.

It's baffling the movie made $52 million dollars opening weekend, but then again it's not. The people behind the marketing and editors that make a trailer look outstandingly outrageous are obviously receiving the big bucks. I have also come to realize that what $52 million dollars worth of the population thinks is funny, is usually not always gold. Like my musical taste, it's not the singles on the radio that grab my attention and obsession of an artist, it's the tracks off the album that make it. The stuff that's not thrown in your face 24/7. Not everything splattered onto the mainstream market is good. Will it make money? Duh. But don't expect it always to give you want you need.

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