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'Neighbors (2014)' Movie Review: Turn down the noise

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'Neighbors (2014)'


Kelly and Mac Radner (Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan) are a nice young couple who have just had their first child. They have moved into what they believe is a nice quiet neighborhood. That is until a local college fraternity moves in next door. Now as most frat houses tend to be they are usually very loud. Now chapter president Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) kept telling Mac that they would work on the noise problem but always falling short of the ultimate goal, silence.

Mac continually would ask Teddy and his second in command Pete (Dave Franco) to turn the music down and they would in turn say that they would but wouldn't. Finally Mac has had enough and calls the police to handle the situation. This in turn starts a war. Not an ordinary war but a very coordinated full frontal attack on each other.

The college gets wind of all the chaos and puts the frat on probation. Now knowing this Kelly and Mac carry out a prank knowing full well that Teddy and Pete will have to retaliate. This is something that you will have to see because otherwise I would be giving it all away. This is a comedy that you will have to take the time to see.

Director Nicholas Stoller brings us a film that will make you think that you've seen a film similar to this before. It is a traditional slapstick comedy that has some of the same types of pranks you have seen in other films concerning frat houses but it is still worth the look.

For some of you it may bring back memories of those days in college when everything was a little foot loose and fancy free, when you didn't have a care in the world other than drinking and getting good grades. So take the time to pull some money out of the wallet and take a good look at the war of the 'Neighbors'. Enjoy.