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Need a cheap vacation from Winston-Salem? Cozy Cabins reviewed.

Cozy Cabin porch view - 3000 feet up!
Cozy Cabin porch view - 3000 feet up!
Cindy Kohnen

Cozy Cabin Rental


Warm weather is here and summer vacation has been on my mind. I love day trips to the Blue Ridge and the fact that it is basically a straight shot if you just stay on I-40. A few weeks ago I looked up the weather reports for Asheville, NC and made a break for a few days in the mountains and found one of the best little cabins to rent. I would 100% recommend Cozy Cabins to anyone looking for an affordable place to relax.

Visit for more information, but you basically get a little mountain to yourself.
Here are my favorite points:

  • The cabin is incredibly easy to get to and is only 2.5 hours away. Once you get to US-19 you get off at Main Street and turn onto a winding road up the mountain. Not that getting lost on mountain roads can't be fun, but if you are trying to get somewhere (or if you're like us and have a dog in the car) it can turn into an aggravating headache.
  • The cabin feels really secluded. There are actually two small cabins to rent, but the way the properties are set up, the higher cabin isn't visible to the lower cabin. We stayed in the Bear cabin which is at the top with a porch looking out on the mountains. We grilled out and played music without feeling like we were being watched/heard. (Fresh air if you are living in an apartment or tight neighborhood!)
  • Great view with rocking chairs on the porch. That point covers itself, but the rest of the cabin is cozy cute too and appears to be in great shape. There is one bedroom and a small loft - each with a mattress that will fit two people. The washing machine for laundry and the full-ready kitchen is great for making longer stays more cost affective. I just packed a $2 cooler with groceries and ate our own food while we were there. There is a tv with plenty of satellite channels and maybe even a DVD player, but I didn't really pay attention to that. I spent basically all of my time on the porch or walking around the area.
  • Coffee and a coffee maker plus all linens provided. The place felt clean, sometimes you can end up in cheap overnight places and feel grossed out. I didn't feel this way at all - a great place away from home!
  • The price is so affordable. You have to call Stan to get a price, but I've always gotten a rate that was just as good or lower than a basic hotel in Asheville. For a 3 day, 3 night trip we spent a little under $300 including gas and groceries.
  • The other thing I love is the location - 30 minutes west from Asheville, 45 minutes east from Cherokee, and an hour north from the Brevard area. You can choose the Blue Ridge or the Smokey Mountains, and if it is a nice day out you can't go wrong.

Where do you like to go when you need a vacation? Recommend your day trip or overnight spots in the comments below.

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