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'Nebraska (2013)' Movie Review: Money isn't everything

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'Nebraska (2013)'


You Won! Well that's what Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) thought when he opened the letter and it said you won a million dollars. Now this wouldn't be too bad except Woody has been losing it the last couple of years. Woody has been a heavy drinker most of his adult life. Now Woody and his wife Kate (June Squibb) come from the small town of Hawthorne, Nebraska. There isn't much to do except drink.

Anyway Woody and his wife moved out of Hawthorne and now live in Billings Montana. Woody has been trying to walk to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up his prize money. He honestly believes he won the money. His family usually has to go pick him up since he doesn't drive anymore and it's just too far to walk.

His son's David (Will Forte) and Ross (Bob Odenkirk) want the best for him but Ross wants his father put into a home. David just doesn't understand what his father is going through. His mother has always been on Woody's case for drinking and anything else she can nag him about. She's on Ross's side to put Woody into a home for his own good.

Finally David says lets go I'm going to drive you to Lincoln just to get it over with. So the journey begins and they are on the rode. They won't make it to Lincoln in time for the weekend, so they settle on Hawthorne and spend the weekend. Woody makes the mistake of saying he won a million dollars and the whole town goes nuts.

Ed Pegram (Stacy Keach) is Woody's old business partner and Woody owes him some money. Ed tells all this to David and Ed wants his money. David tells him the truth but no one actually believes that Woody hasn't one.

They eventually get to Lincoln and Woody finds out that he didn't win. What you won't find in this review is what you actually come away with from this movie. You see it's not the main story but the story within the story that you must see and enjoy.

Director Alex Payne does a beautiful job with this film and it's a joy to watch. You come away with more than just seeing a movie. You come away with the warmth and glow that you don't usually get from a film. So sit back and enjoy this one and when your done watching the first time come back and watch it again and again.