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‘NCIS: Los Angeles' recap: ‘Spoils of War’ search and rescue

Spoils of War
Spoils of War

'NCIS: Los Angeles'


Air date April 1

Hetty’s little mini-me, Nell, summons Sam, Callen and Deeks to the office and gives the grim news – Kensi is missing and presumed to be taken by members of the Taliban. Naturally, Deeks is about to flip out royally.

Faster than a speeding bullet, our guys arrive in Afghanistan and team up with Granger to search for Kensi. Unbeknownst to Deeks, instructions have been given for him to a have a lesser role in the search given his lack of training and emotional status. So he is left behind to question a blind man who is not being very cooperative. You know the stubborn old cuss type.

Eric and Nell receive a foreboding time-delayed video message from Kensi. One of those if-you-have-received-this-message-then-I’m-already-dead kind of videos. This is TV land so we know this is not true.

Hiking through non-lush type terrain, the rest of the guys find the cave where Kensi once was held captive. No Kensi, but Callen does find a photo showing a “dead” Kensi lying on the ground. He is not buying it and when Hetty forwards Deeks the photo, he goes all Sam and Callen on the old blind man.

While in the hills, Callen captures a young girl who was using them for target practice. Granger wants to kill the little militant midget, but Callen emphatically points out she is only an orphaned child forced into doing evil bidding and includes her in their journey. During their trek, the men spot about 35 Taliban members walking through the valley. There is no sign of Kensi being amongst them.

As an emotional Deeks prepares to torture the blind guy for information, the man babbles on and on about how much he loves the Taliban. But Deeks is no heartless torturer. In fact, he’s a genius. While the out-numbered Sam, Callen, Granger and some other dude are busy exchanging bullets with numerous Taliban marauders, they suddenly hear a helicopter flying overhead.

It’s Deeks and the old blind man. Apparently, the man is the father of a Taliban leader. Deeks negotiates a trade off. The dad for Kensi. It works. Kensi is a sight for sore eyes or either a sore sight for your eyes because the kid looks as if she had been tumbling around in a clothes dryer. Poor thing.

Nevertheless, she is reunited with her team, more importantly with her partner Deeks who gladly holds her in his arms. They are coming back home.

Tune in to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on CBS.

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