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‘NCIS’ recap: ‘Page Not Found’ because it’s been erased

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Tim’s girlfriend Delilah may have found a break in a major case. Her chatty Cathy co-worker, who says fluorescent lighting makes her violent, tries to take all the glory by explaining Delilah’s findings to their supervisor. She should be enough to make Delilah violent. No matter. Its all for naught anyway since boss lady deletes the file and warns the ladies to keep their lips zipped.

Delilah goes to Gibbs anyway. There will be no lip zipping on her part. A case involving online drug marketing and money laundering is too hot to hold on to. At the center of all this hotness is one Kit Jones, a CIA cyber specialist who is presumed dead but is actually working undercover. This is according to CIA Agent Briscoe who is upset with NCIS for sticking their nose in CIA business.

Suspicions of Kit operating as a double agent rises, but the notion is quickly squashed when lab queen Abby determines he’s really a prisoner. You’d be surprise what a little blood analysis can reveal. Leon suspects whoever is behind the illegal drug dealing website has Jones.

All roads are leading to a landlord who is in the hospital for a procedure. Ducky and Jimmy are tasked with tricking the man’s daughter into leaving his hospital room by spewing a bunch of medical jargon to frighten her. The problem is she’s pre-med so they can’t pull any medical wool over her eyes.

Awkward sidebar: Tim wants to ask Delilah to move in with him but does not know she hopes to land a senior position in Dubai. She confides this in DiNizzo of all people.

Soon the NCIS team finds out that Kit’s betrothed Melanie Hanson has been receiving mysterious phone calls asking her to come to the place where he proposed. Heartbroken, she still thinks he’s dead.

Gibbs and the gang drive over to said rendezvous spot and run into the very much alive Kit Jones who managed to escape his captor. So who was his captor? Why, it was none other than the upset Agent Briscoe. Why does there always have to be a greedy Gus in the mix whose never satisfied with his good government job?

All roads may have led to the landlord, but they actually stopped at his daughter’s door. She is on the one working in cahoots with Briscoe. Her poor father would not know the difference between a laptop and an electric griddle.

And what’s that old saying? If you love something set it free. Can’t-keep-a-secret DiNizzo told McGhee about Delilah’s desire to move to the Dubai office. He tells her she should go for it and Delilah tells McGhee she still wants him to be her man even if they are continents apart. That’s a whole lot of distance. Do you think it will work?

Tune in to ‘NCIS’ on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on CBS.

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