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‘NCIS’ recap: ‘Crescent City’ Part II

NCIS Crescent City II
NCIS Crescent City II



Part II continues with Pride and his sure-to-be new agent Brody bonding over a plate of grits and presumably shrimp. One phone call sends them on a quest to find LaSalle, who is at a bar drinking his breakfast (coffee). They then join Gibbs, Bishop and Medical Examiner Loretta Wade at a swamp where a decomposing body lay rotting. The victim’s throat is slashed like those from the previous episode, handiwork of the ‘privileged killer.’

Back at headquarters, Tony receives a doll in the mail from Bishop that is supposed to be in his likeness. She considers it to be a good luck charm. McGhee calls it a voodoo doll. Tomato...tomoto. Tony obviously agrees with McGhee and tosses it into the trash.

Vance hands over letters to Ducky written by Victor Lorta, the alleged killer, in hopes that clues will be revealed. Ducky hits pay dirt and believes the real killer is still at large. Lorta had always maintained his innocence even in response to his fan mail. Lorta even claimed the late Congressman McLane, who was an agent at the time, tampered with evidence to make him look guilty.

Little does Ducky know, Hobbs of the Jefferson Parish Lab discovered fibers from the most recent crime scene came from a uniform clothing nearly 70-years-old. It looks like the real ‘privileged killer’ is still out there cutting up. No pun intended. Okay, yes the pun was intended.

A breadcrumb trail of clues lead to Mr. Emil Titus. Unfortunately, the trail ends with the discovery of Titus’ dead body which was staged to look like a suicide. However, all the clues were not useless. The team did find a letter written to Joseph Hanlon, one of McLane’s previous benefactors. Tony and McGhee visit Hanlon to discuss the letter written by Emil Titus.

Pride is heartbroken to learn his beloved brother and mentor McLane did indeed take a bribe and framed Lorta. The team soon figure out they’ve been barking up the wrong tree when pieces of the puzzle start to come together and they all tie into Hanlon’s son Spencer.

Fornell and Tony arrive in time to find McGhee okay with the exception of a bump on his head, but Hanlon is dead from an overdose of pills. He did survive long enough to warn his twisted son Spencer.

Spencer is at a bar chatting up a female who he flees with. Pride figures he knows where Spencer might be. He is right, of course. In the end, both Gibbs and Pride put Spencer out of his misery forever.

Brody is now part of the New Orleans team.

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