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‘NCIS’ recap: ‘Crescent City part I’ crimes Cajun style

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‘Crescent City’ gives us our first taste of NCIS: New Orleans. Be prepared for plenty of Big Easy jargon and inference to the city in this episode.

Special Agent Dwayne Price (Scott Bakula) feels it is time to reunite with Gibbs when the murdered body of a Congressman is found in his neck of the woods.

Gibbs, Pride and Fornell join forces to solve the case and quickly learn two things. First, a prostitute named Sally Ann was paid to talk to the Congressman as an obvious distraction. Secondly, the FBI is pulling old similar murder cases. Now, why would they do that? And to make matters worse, it appears the FBI is intentionally hampering with NCIS’s investigation.

Back in New Orleans, Pride’s partner Agent Chris LaSalle inherits some help in the form of a female interrogator from The Great Lakes office named Agent Brody. It takes LaSalle, who has a very thick southern accent to warm up to, to warm up to her.

Despite having burned many bridges in the past, creating unforgiving enemies along the way, it looks like the congressman was actually the victim of a copycat serial killer who also murders FBI Agent Doyle down in New Orleans. All the victims have one thing in common. They were all military or government personnel. Gibbs and Bishop accompany Pride back to New Orleans and fall into trap set by the killer. The trio is lured out into the open where the killer can get a good look at them. So who will be next?

‘NCIS’ airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on CBS.