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‘NCIS’ recap: ‘Alleged’ proven




A man takes his eyes off the road to send a photo and ends up running right over a body. Overkill. The decedent was a U.S. Navy officer, Tate Lester, who may have been killed because he knew too much about a sexual attack on a female officer. He even went as far as filing a complaint on her behalf against her wishes. After all, she had no idea who had assaulted her.

The team tracks down Lester’s body and roommate, Ensign Burke, who was hanging out with Tate the night before at a local bar. Burke appears stunned at the news of Tate’s death and claims to know nothing about his death. He left Tate at the bar and it eventually we learn that Tate got into an argument with someone at the bar.

The NCIS team also tracks down the female victim, Ensign Holly Ferrell, who is reluctant at first to give an account of her attack to Gibbs. After Abby gives Holly a very compassionate speech, Holly confesses to having a rape kit done in Key West. Proof is on the way!

DiNizzo and Bishop stakeout the bar hoping the guy seen arguing with Tate will show up. It’s their lucky night. The bartender points out their wanted man, Eddie, who tries to run from DiNizzo and Bishop and runs right into a dumpster. When asked why did he run, Eddie simply explains he’s an ex-con. Running is what they do.

Abby gets news back on Holly’s rape kit. No DNA, but someone did slip her the horse tranquilizer, Ketamine. Holly didn’t stand a chance.

A piece of asphalt embedded in Tate’s skull has traces of vegetable oil among other things in it and Ducky concludes Tate suffered a fatal blow to the head but was able to walk a short distance before dying. DiNizzo and Bishop both know just the place where Tate might have picked up the vegetable oil. The bar.

Unfortunately, when the bartender broke up the fight between Tate an Eddie, he accidently killed Tate. Tate had bumped his head on the dumpster after he was pulled away from Eddie. Gibbs and his crew do get their man, a Navy officer who has a history of assaulting young enlisted females. Holly is grateful and ready to move on with her life.

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