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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ recap: ‘Windfall’ one’s loss is another’s gain


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It’s Kensi’s first day back in the office since that miserable mission in Afghanistan and much to her disappointment, she is assigned to work in ops while Nell joins Deeks in the field. It almost doesn’t seem fair except for the fact that Nell has proven her weight in gold as an operative working in the field. Nell desperately wants to be a field agent, but not at Kensi's expense.

Now as for Eric and Kensi working together, that is another story. Eric and Nell reign as the king and queen of geek. Kensi, on the other hand, is not only bored but way out of her element while everyone else is out searching for Adrian Davis, an ex-marine who embezzled money from al-Qaida. Hetty wants Kensi to be assessed. Granger thinks she should hit the ground running.

Davis’ wine partner and former marine buddy Gabriel Stanfil insists he’s had nothing to do with the embezzlement. Obviously, somebody disagrees since Sam and Callen go to the man’s home and find the late Stanfil marinating in his own blood.

Sam also finds some of his “laundered” money in a floor safe in the “laundry room.” Go ahead and laugh. The guys know there should be more money and they’re right. More cash turns up hidden among Stanfil’s private wine collection, but every month a box of wine (money included) goes to a guy named Foster. Foster, who is bedridden due to war injuries, served in the military alongside Davis and Stanfil. Some of the stolen money was being used to help pay his medical bills. Forty-two million dollars is a lot of financial aide and much of it still missing with al-Qaida looking to collect it out of Davis’ hide if need be.

Eventually, Davis leads Sam, Callen, Nell AND al-Qaida to the money. There is a small shoot-out with the al-Qaida trio being on the losing end and finally, Kensi gets the green light to go back in the field. Good thing too. Deeks, ever the jokester, claims he suspects Nell was starting to fall in love with him.

Tune in to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on CBS.

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