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(NB) EXTRA EXTRA read all about it! The Very Fairy Princess graduates!

The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton
The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton
Little Brown and Company, Illustrated by Christine Davenier

Children's Book, The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl! by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton


Examiner Children's Book Review by Maryann Scheufele, MA April 8, 2014

The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!
Written by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton
Illustrated by Christine Davenier
Hard Cover: Little Brown and Company New York Boston
Published 2014
Story Book Series
32 pages
Juvenile Fiction

(NB) EXTRA EXTRA read all about it! The Very Fairy Princess graduates!

Wonderful from the first page to the last - your little girls will listen carefully to every word you read to them from "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" and be captivated by the charming illustrations in this new book, the sixth from The Very Fairy Princess children's story book series written by Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton. The children's story book is not what you might expect if you have not yet been introduced to these number one New York Times bestselling series, because The Very Fairy Princesses are are much more convincing than any fairies from a fairytale - they are for real. Read for yourself and you too will know that. You will learn about the sparkle of The Very Fairy Princess character, Geraldine, who develops from some very real to life situations that your little girl may very well be able to relate to. How this Fairy Princess handles herself and how she percieves the world around her is portrayed through the narrators voice who, when you are reading, will notice sounds apparently much like the beloved Julie Andrews herself. The Very Fairy Princess series is written by the mother and daughter and is a tribute to the legacy of Julie Andrews. Her daughter's love and respect for her is exceptionally noteworthy. Julie Andrews most likely always had the sparkle of a Fairy Princess going on in her life, so naturally, would have taught her daughter to have that special insight about herself and the world around her. Now they are passing on those Very Fairy Princess qualities of character from that legacy to all of the readers of "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" from their children's story book series and RELEASED TODAY.

Julie Andrews began a career on the stage in London in the drama of a children's story, as "Cinderella". She had been singing for years by then and soon afterwards played a role in a movie by Walt Disney, and singing as "Mary Poppins" in 1964. Then in 1965 Julie Andrews won the Oscar, from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, an Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role as "Mary Poppins" - when she gave the "largest thank you of all" to Walt Disney in her acceptance speech. Walt Disney was perhaps something like a fairy godfather to Julie Andrews, however, of course, she actually knew from where all her sparkle came - that it was found within herself. It is by that tiny detail of acceptance that we readers can hear the voice of the narrator in "The Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" as if it was the speaking voice of the senior writer. Julie Andrews sang again in her next role in the Walt Disney film, "The Sound of Music" released in 1965. Then in 1966 the movie "The Sound of Music" won the Oscar for Best Picture from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Awards.* In each of those quite different roles, she played a person who cared very much about children. Julie Andrews is a Disney legend, and has been inducted into the Disney Hall of Fame.**

As well, Julie Andrews, from Great Britian born in England, was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for lifetime achievment in the performing arts. A Dame in Great Britian is either the legal title of the wife of a knight, or the title of a woman who has received an order of knighthood.*** Julie Andrews sang with her trademark four octave soprano voice and perfect pitch (she had an ability of a five-octave coloratura soprano range), and became recognized by her music community peers as a recipient of the 2011 lifetime achievment Grammy from The Recording Academy in honor of her overall excellent achievments in the recording arts. Julie Andrews also played a role in over forty movies including films directed by her late husband Blake Edwards.Together with her husband Blake Edwards, during the Vietnam War, she became involved with the group Committee of Responsibility, and brought severely injured children from the war zone to the US for treatment. They adopted two of these children as their own. Julie Andrews and her first husband Tony Walton had one child of their own, Emma, Emma Walton Hamilton.** "Emma is passionate about helping parents raise children who love to read." from her free guide to get kids reading on the Julie Andrews Collection web site.

To many little girls, "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" could very well be THE HAPPIEST CHILDREN'S BOOK IN ALL THE WORLD! If you never read fairy godmother stories, or those happily ever after stories that sufferagettes would never read to their daughter, then fear not to read this children's story book to your child. There is something in a person that makes them sparkle, and you will see The Very Fairy Princess, Graduation Girl's unique sparkle as it is predicated by the recognition of an genuine self awareness of princess like qualities, or noble characteristics, that are developed from within this Very Fairy Princess. That is the vital element that sets "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" story book a step beyond any of the more traditional typical fairies in a fairytale. In "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!", a sense of accomplishment is expressed in contrast to the emotions associated with an uncertain future creating dialogue, conflict resolution, and a worthy theme. The real world situations that "The Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" is confronted with make the setting of the story in relatively easy environments of home and school, give the reader a feeling of a sense of comarderie. Your child will be able to identify with this Very Fairy Princess, as the Gaduation Girl, yet never for an instant does the story book's narrative fiction allow for forgetting that there are very special people, teachers, who have been set apart for a certain purpose - to care very much about children.

The passionate heart of the writers of "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" , the children's story book, makes it a treasure added to any book collection. You will enjoy reading "The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!" over and over again, to generations of children.

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