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Nature's Own Pest Control

Nature's Own
Nature's Own

Nature's Own Pest Control in Austin , TX


Is your yard or home over run with pests? Here are a few methods to try and control them naturally; Traps, Soaps and Oil Sprays. Of course all of the above methods require a particular skill. There is no need to put your family and pets at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals or inexperience. Nature's Own Pest Control in Austin, Texas uses the best organic pesticides and environmentally friendly products. Nature's Own Pest Control is proud to offer EcoSMART's complete line of interior and exterior botanical products that are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests and provide both quick knockdown and control with the same effectiveness of traditional chemicals and treatments.

This company has been rated one of the best in its region and has over 12 years experience. Whether it's Bed Bugs, Termites or other creepy crawlies, Nature's Own Pest & Lawn Services in Austin, Texas is a sure bet when you want to solve your problem. They offer a promise to retreat areas that you are not satisfied with at no extra charge, redo the inspection of your facilities for pests if you feel they missed something, and they will work to solve the problem. They provide complete training to all of their personnel and conduct regular training sessions to insure that the employees are on the cutting edge of technology. In other words, they have excellent service and a friendly helpful staff that offers the following:

  • Unique and Patented Mode-of-Action
  • Unprecedented Margin of Safety
  • Extremely Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Insect Pests
  • Cost Effective and Easy-To-Use Versus Conventional Products
  • Perfect For All Members of the Family, Not Just Sensitive Ones

In addition to Pest Control services, they also provide Lawn Care services. They will perform regular applications of both insecticide and fertilizers to control weeds, fungus and insects. Nature's Own highly trained technicians and their bimonthly lawn and shrub service will have your yard looking great year-round. For more information or to schedule and appointment contact 512.454.0700 or go to: