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Natural Looking False Lashes

KISS Looks So Natural Lashes


This month I received a VoxBox from filled with some amazing goodies! I will be reviewing every product in there and today I am featuring the KISS So Natural False Lashes.

I am a HUGE fan of false lashes but I am also a huge cheapskate! I usually buy mine at the Dollar Tree or from E.L.F. at target. The last time I bought pricey lashes was for my 23rd birthday and they were from the Kardashian's beauty line Khroma Beauty. You can check out that review here.

To get to the review these lashes are absolutely perfect for natural eye makeup looks. They are soft and in the packaging they look super real. The ones I received are called 'Flirty' and they were the perfect addition to my girly look today.

The lashes are not self adhesive and even if they were I would not recommend skipping out on the glue. I use DUO glue to apply these. I had to trim the edges a bit to fit my eye shape- as you should with any pair of false lashes.

Personally I do not use a tweezer help me apply lashes. The went on very easy and seemed to fall right into place. They blended with my natural lashes so well I barely had to add any mascara.

Overall I give these lashes a thumbs up! If you are looking for a fun way to add some slair to your look then definitely try these. They are soft and natural looking, not heavy on the eyes and easy to apply.

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