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Natural health and beauty product review: It Works! Global Greens drink mix

It Works Greens supplement drink mix
Sheila Murrey



When we recently moved to the Bradenton / Sarasota area, my husband and I noticed a beautiful modern huge white building with lots of windows near one of the marinas. We didn't know what company or companies it might be - we thought maybe it was an Information Technology (IT) company - because it had a huge sign in front that read, "It Works!"

I had been seeking a new massage therapist, and pedicurist so when we stopped at the marina (across from the white building) I noticed a sign for a spa. Upon entering the spa, I found the same It Works! logo on some of their cards. I asked what It Works! was and found out it's a body wrap and supplement company. I was invited to give the products a try and was handed a Greens To Go supplement packet to mix with water and also a Greens chew that I could eat.

Since I'd previously had body wraps years ago (spent hundreds of dollars for a package of x number of wraps in fact, and had to drive quite a few miles to get to that previous spa) and it didn't really produce any measurable results - I wasn't all that excited to try these products. I hadn't formed a very good opinion of "body wraps" in general. But I took the information and samples and sort of just put them aside.

However, a few days later I drank the Greens To Go, after somehow managing to get an eye issue - one of my eyes leaked all day, to the point I had to keep dabbing it, effecting / blurring my vision too. I had even went so far as to call an ophthalmologist to make an appointment but since I had new health insurance they wouldn't schedule an appointment for me until I gathered all of my new insurance information. Suffice to say, after consuming the Greens To Go drink mix sample in a glass of water, I never needed that eye appointment!

My mental state had nothing to do with it either because I had not given much thought that anything (much less this supplement drink) would help, but while my company was researching my new insurance information for me, so that I could call the ophthalmologist office back, I had pulled out that little packet of drink mix, shook it up with 10-12 ounces of pure water and drank it. Then an amazing thing happened. I was absolutely STUNNED because my eye cleared up within an hour!!

If by this point, you want to jump on this... and I highly recommend that you do... you can read more about the green drink (and order) this fantastic natural product on this site... Click here -->> It Works!

The background of my leaky eye was that I had been treating my dog's eyes (he's 13 years old) and has had leaky eyes for awhile. He's on special eye drops from the vet too, and have been to a holistic vet as well as, a veterinarian ophthalmologist. I had been cleaning his eyes three times a day and giving him the eye drops. I didn't mind doing it but I didn't feel his eyes were improving. I believe at one point I had touched my eye AFTER touching his, but BEFORE washing my hands! Silly me!

Needless to say after the greens did for my eye what they did, I started giving my doggie an ounce or so of the greens with his wet raw food meals, and within ONE DAY his eyes quit leaking too!

UPDATE: Beau's eyes are doing well! No more leaky eyes for him!

I've started using the body wraps and drinking the Greens drink twice a day and feeling wonderful! No caffeine like jitters, not other odd feeling, no cramping, no headaches, no other negative effects - but an energy I can feel, along with clear thinking. I'm so excited to see what changes the rest of the It Works! products will do when I get my hands on the rest!

The greens supplement drink mix tastes good too! They have a berry and orange flavor. There's no grit, no chalky texture either - I've tried many drink mixes and so many have grit or chalk. It Works! is SMOOTH and mixes easily with water WITHOUT a blender! You definitely can take this anywhere and drink it. It's sooo easy!

If like me, you believe every purchase you make equates to voting with your dollars, then you know the best way to nurture companies you believe in is to keep buying their products. I know It Works! is doing really well because the company is debt free and has been growing by 690 percent over three years! In this current economy, It Works! is definitely and undeniably on to something HUGE! You can read about their business growth here -->> NEWS.

There's always an alternative if you look for it and be open to receive!

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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