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Natomas Westlake Path

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Natomas Westlake Path


Natomas Westlake Path

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Address: 5157 Westlake Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95835
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.3 miles
Surface: Paved
Family and pet friendly

I went to the Natomas area of northern Sacramento hoping to hike a short, in-town path. What I found was part of the trail was open, while the majority of the path was locked inside of a gated community.

I went to this trail and parked on the north end, near Egret Park. This is located at the intersection of Westlake Parkway and Callison Drive. The park was clean and nicely paved, but unfortunately, most of the trail was restricted, hidden behind a steel gate surrounding the Lake. Apparently, that area is a gated community, with the lake and most of the trail surrounding it, inside of those gates.

The area that I traveled was the trail in Egret Park. This is a public park, open to everyone. This is located at the northern tip of Westlake. This public area is nice and open.

During my time there, I saw several families walking. This is a dog friendly park, but you need to use a leash for your pet.

If you have a stroller, and a picnic basket, this is a nice place to stop and eat for a while. If you are looking for a long path to hike, I might consider going elsewhere as you may not be able to access the gated areas.