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Native Grill and Wings

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Happy Hour at Native Grill and Wings


Good Day Readers! I hope all your days are Happy and all your Hours better than the worst ones you have ever had. Speaking of worst ones you have ever had, have you ever had a Happy Hour experience that you felt was the worst one you have ever had? Or even just a bad restaurant experience in general? Have you ever found a Newly Opened restaurant that you have been wanting to try and finally got the 'get up and go' to get there? You got all nice looking and wound up about checking out a new place with some good food, and some new atmosphere and a new experience at Happy Hour besides the fact that you are hungry and anxious to eat something. You even went so far as to check out the menu before you went there to see if the menu was at all appetizing. On approval of what you have learned on line about the place, off you went. But then shortly after your arrival, the fizz went out of your pop when you looked around and found yourself in a place with a dull environment. No hype on the walls about an amazing theme and an amazing place. No sports paraphernalia or fat heads on the wall with your favorite sports team being featured. No life sized posters of pretty ladies holding ice cold draft beers enticing you to try what they have. The place was flat out dull. The Happy Hour prices on the beverages are nothing to turn you on about and the appetizers just as flat. Then by the time the food got to your table a half hour later after you ordered it, it didn't look that great and the tastes were also not that great. You knew the bill was going to be somewhat high and you had to find it in yourself to tip that bad experience. The fizz went out of your pop about being there in the first place and you box up your foods to go hoping the dogs like it so it that the experience would not be a total loss. You were not at all impressed with anything about your experience and you rated the place on the happy meter by giving it at 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. You gave it 1 point for being open and 1 point because the beer was cold. The question was, Have you ever had an experience like that? Native Grill and Wings which is native to Arizona and a new location has opened up in Surprise, Arizona and that location has given that experience. It was established in 1979 and somehow still going. See you at the next spot.

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