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'National Treasure'

One man has the courage to take some action to help someone in distress. But will he do it?


"Here's to the men who knew to do what was right." ~ Penned by Timothy

"One man has the courage to help someone in distress. But will he do it?"
Walt Disney Pictures

"Hello beautiful," said Nicolas Cage as a Benjamin Franklin G. million-dollar pipe clue maker, as he dispels the first clue of this exciting Walt Disney family motion picture. Templar, symbols and other hunt and chase items such as an iron or a pen lead children through a maze of a legend, a riddle, a key and a map. Iron gold ink, the primary writing element of the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence makes children and family alike interested enough to learn about some of the history of our great country of America. Timothy, the key figure of the past here bewilders Benjamin who hungry to find out why he signed the back of the declaration after the fifty-five other founding fathers signed the front of the grand leaf.

A few other official groups at hand of the day also signed the page. They need the letters to define the information. The souvenier and the duplicate. But he, Timothy was not allowed to be described as in league with the founding fathers group. And the whole thing has got Benjamin's curiosity piqued, as he wants to know why. He was not allowed to be considered who monitored same and who spent his whole life researching the Knights Templar, and as yet another Irish man doth promise Benjamin not to worry, as he will make all of the arrangements to get to the bottom of the mystery. The riddle who the only one can figure it out though, Timothy the back page signer is already long since dead deceased and gone, and along with the founding fathers, does not even realize the great value of the protective treasure.