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Nashville pet expo a treat for pets - and their people

Daisy, an adoptable rescued dog, was at the Nashville Pet Expo

2014 Nashville Pet Expo, Tennessee


Multiple vendors and hundreds of dogs and their owners / parents / adopters were out in full, tail - wagging force at the Nashville Pet Expo on July 12, 2014 at the Nashville, Tennessee Fairgrounds.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors, breeds, and yes, even number of legs walked up and down the aisles with their loved ones perusing hundreds of booths of samples, items for sale (collars, leads, costumes, food, dishes, beds, and more), medical care, and wellness information. A "mega adoption event" was set up with nonprofit groups having "meet and greet" between potential homes and pets.

One dog waiting patiently was "Daisy" (see photo). Daisy was rescued from euthanasia by Tennessee Death Row Dogs. She calmly watched people walking by, waiting for someone to adopt her (Daisy is around two years old and looks like she has eyeliner on! Daisy is good with other dogs, kids, and is housebroken. She has been vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, spay/neutered and microchipped).

But it wasn't just going to the dogs. There were plenty of cats for adoption, cat items, exotic birds, reptiles, and nonprofit organizations for exotic animal rescue. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee had a booth; "we provide captive elephants a natural habitat so we don't allow visitors," explained one of the volunteers. "They can live out the rest of their lives in a safe haven." Save the Chimps had a booth; this is an organization that provides and supports permanent sanctuary for chimpanzees rescued from laboratories, entertainment, and the pet trade. And a screech owl perched, swiveling her head to watch the action around her. "She is injured so cannot be released into the wild," said Raptor Educator Jenn Froscher. "She's not a pet." Clover Patch Sanctuary was there with rabbit and Guinea pig education and adoption.

Shorty Rossi and his pit bull, Hercules, from "Animal Planet's 'Pit Boss'" made an appearance. "Why do dogs act bad?" He asked the crowd. "Bad owners! A dog is a reflection of it's owner." A lure chasing demonstration for dogs who were willing to run was set up (one Boston terrier was convinced he could catch it, and barked incessantly from the sidelines!), free nail trims and discounted vaccinations, and training demonstrations rounded out the event.

The Pet Expo will be in Chicago on July 19 and Austin on August 2 this year. It is worth the travel to attend. All expos are held indoors for the comfort of everyone. Even if you do not own a pet, people-watching and pet-watching is as much fun. For more information, see the link below.

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Pet Expo info - click here

Interested in adopting Daisy? Click HERE or email HERE - please mention this article.

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