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Nashicon isn't harmed by holiday weekend



Many thought Easter weekend would be a bad time to hold a convention, but Nashicon was determined to prove the critics wrong. The convention took place at the Columbia Metropolitian Convention Center in Columbia, South Carolina over the weekend of April 19-20. Even despite having a very wet Saturday as torrential rains beat down most of the day, Nashicon managed to see over 1800 people over the weekend. That made it one of the most successful years the convention has had. People lined up on Friday to get their badges even though the convention wasn't going to start until Saturday morning. Many were anxious to get started with the anime festivities.

Easter themed costumes were even seen throughout the weekend. We aren't talking about the Easter Bunny from "Rise of the Guardians" either. One cosplayer chose to dress up as the Cadberry Bunny and even strutted their stuff across the stage at the Sunday "Closet Cosplay Contest". This was a contest designed to award those that put together a costume from mostly store bought pieces. The event was new to the convention this year and had a surprisingly large turnout for a first time event. Even the coordinators seemed surprised by its success, promising to improve upon it for next year because of the interest in it.

Another successful event was the Saturday night dance. A formal event that featured music from various anime and movies, it was designed to allow people to waltz or jive the night away. Many formal gowns and suits were seen as people wore their finest garments to the event. Tickets were sold at the door but many were anxiously asking about them on Friday night at registration, not wanting to miss out on the event.

Registration started off shaky on Friday as people started to line up early and key components were still on their way to the convention. But some smooth work by staff and volunteers had things running as smoothly as they could and it didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits.

There were panels, guests, an artist alley and a dealer's room. The halls were constantly packed with people, particularly on Saturday with the outdoors being too wet to enjoy. The events went late into the night, with people staying until the last possible moment to enjoy every second they could of the convention.

Nashicon may be a smaller convention but it has grown a lot since its start on a college campus. It continues to makes strides towards becoming bigger and better and it certainly looks to have a bright future ahead of it.

For more information on next years convention, keep an eye on their website at Registration is already open for next year! It will be returning to the convention center on April 18-19, 2015.