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Nail product review: Sassy Chic nail stickers

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Sassy Chic nail stickers


I found these cute, animal print nail stickers by Sassy Chic at Dollar Tree. Since my last $1 Donna Michelle manicure went well, I was excited to give nail stickers from another brand I’m not too familiar with a try.

I got a set with pink, baby blue and black animal print designs. 16 nail stickers came in the pack.

I cleaned my nails with acetone based nail polish remover and simply peeled the stickers off of the clear sheet and stuck them onto my nails. For the most part, the sizes worked well for me, although I had to cut a few of them down for a perfect fit.

In comparison to nail stickers I’ve worn by other brands, these were very thin. I had to remain extra careful peeling them off of the clear sheet. I also had to lay the stickers onto my nails very carefully to prevent any tearing.

Since they are so thin, the excess peeled away with the gentlest touch of the nail file. Once I applied and filed all of the stickers, I sealed my nails off with a top coat of clear nail polish.

After wearing them for four days, I have minor chips, mostly towards the tips of my nails but for the most part they have held up pretty well. These Sassy Chic nail stickers are cute, fashionable and a pretty good deal for a manicure that costs just $1.