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'N Rage Colored Hair Dye Review

Not the color I was going for
Not the color I was going for
Picture taken by Tami

'N Rage Demi-Permant hair dye


So if you actually know me, you know I really like dyeing my hair. I've dyed my hair a lot since I was probably 14 or 15 and I love it. Being able to have the freedom of choosing what cut and color I can have on my hair really just tickles my fancy. You could say that I am addicted to dyeing my hair, I don't really care because like I said, I love it. Recently, I've been digging the trend of dip dyeing you hair. For me, it was a step into dyeing my hair awesome colors but not the full commitment. Also, I don't want to completely ruin my hair.

So I've used many different semi-permeate hair dyes and all my results were the same, I would dye my hair and it would look awesome but after a wash or two my color was gone and I was just a normal ombre look. I love my ombre look but I really wanted my wow factor with my pink or purple hair. After doing some research I learned that using a demi-permeant hair dye would make my color last longer. I made my way to my local Sally Beauty and looked at my selection.

I came across 'N Rage demi-permante hair dye and thought I'd give it a go. I grabbed the purple container and made my way home. After bleaching my hair and having nice blonde ends I applied the color. When I applied the 'N Rage dye, it looked a lot darker then I thought it should be. The dye ended up getting on my skin and when I looked at it, it was blue. Yes, blue. Not like a purplish blue but a cobalt blue. I let the dye sit on my hair because I wasn't going to freak out, it happens, but I was hopefully thinking the dye was just weird and it would come out purple.

Well, not to my surprise, my hair turned out blue. The first day it was super dark and then it gradually settled into place. I was upset in the beginning because my hair was blue, not purple like I expected and wanted. I re-looked at the bottle and sure enough the bottle said purple. I was even more upset after that because this wasn't my mistake.

I went online a looked at reviews and some people said that their hair had also turned blue. I'm not sure why they labeled their bottles purple if your hair comes out blue. Maybe it was user error, maybe manufacturers but regardless my hair is blue.

It took me a while but I am happy with my blue hair now, it looks good and shiny and it's unique. I don't know if I will be using this brand again because of the error. I do have to say that the color bleeds a lot for a few days after you apply it, so be prepared to have a color neck and ears.

Comment on this post if you have any advice or just want to laugh at my blue hair!