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MyPublisher Photo Album Review

A closer look at an album created and printed by MyPublisher.
A closer look at an album created and printed by MyPublisher.
Tina Case

A review of MyPublisher Photo Albums


What matters most when it comes to publishing your own photo book? Is it the workmanship, the quality of the paper, the binding or is it the way the photos and colors pop from the pages? How about the ease of creating your album and flexibility in design? With MyPublisher, which is now park of Shutterfly, you get all of these features and more.

When it comes to the billions of digital photos taken each year, you have to wonder what quantity is actually printed. These days, millennials are apt to archive them to the cloud, instantly share on social media or save them to an external storage device than they are to printing them. But don’t underestimate the power of a tangible photo album created with MyPublisher.

Baby boomers can attest that there’s nothing quite like leafing through the pages of your own photo history. Back in the 1960s it is estimated that 55% of all photos were taken of babies. If it weren’t for diligent parents who took the time to snap and print, what tangible evidence would pre-digital, baby boomers have? So isn’t it time you gave that same tangible experience for your digital family?

MyPublisher has been around for over 20 years. Founded in 1994 in Valhalla, New York , MyPublisher was the first of its kind to market and offer high quality, single copy, customizable photo albums to consumers. Their entry into this market was at the advent of the digital photo revolution.

Fast forward to 2014 and MyPublisher has joined forces with one of the most popular photo companies in the world, Shutterfly. Both of these company’s mission is to preserve your favorite photographs and create cherished photo books, cards and photo gifts. MyPublisher prints over 120 million photos annually. They are one of the largest digital photo printers globally.

MyPublisher only offers landscape albums. You have 4 sizes to choose from with a variety of soft and hard covers including linen and leather. Lay flat page options are available at an additional fee and paper choices include super gloss, matte and satin.

To create an album you start by downloading the MyPublisher software which runs on either a Mac or PC. For new users, MyPublisher offers a free book (look for the link that offers a free book to new customers in the upper right). For existing users check out their special offers page for great deals.

How does MyPublisher excel? Both the print quality and workmanship are outstanding. They also offer thicker paper for the Deluxe album (182 lb.) and Super Glossy Printing to provide vibrant, clear and sharp images. Pages are also thicker and scratch and spill resistant. The optional vellum flysheets provide a rich finishing touch. The album binding construction is superb.

Ease of Use: In both the Mac and PC options one of the most useful features is the running price total for the album. As you add pages you will be able to see the cost while creating. That’s great for the budget-minded. The flexibility in page layout and design has greatly improved with the latest download.

Business Photo Albums: In addition to personal photo albums consider creating an album for your business. As an example I am partnering with a local company who wanted to have a photo book of my work to show their clients. I chose the largest 15”x11.5” Deluxe Hardcover album to showcase my work. While I do have an online gallery to showcase my work, this tangible album is something customers can leaf through and check out in up-close and personal detail. It also feels much more personal.

Fast Delivery: I happened to choose the fastest turnaround in delivery. In less than 2 days after creating my album it was in my hands. It was amazing. Even with USPS first class shipping you will have your album in record time. An email will be sent to keep you updated on its progress so you’re not left wondering when it will arrive.

It’s nice to put something that’s not electronic into your hands in this digital world. Check out MyPublisher and be sure to get your free book.

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