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Myopic - Beyond the Mirror's Edge

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Myopic - Beyond the Mirror's Edge


Myopic is a three-piece blackened sludge outfit from Takoma Park, Md. Their EP, Beyond the Mirror's Edge is available now on Grimoire Records. So far, I have not been able to catch this band live, but a friend and I did sit down recently and give the EP a spin.

Overall the feel of this album is sludgey. But Myopic brings a lot to the table. Some of their songs exude a straight up black metal vibe, while others are progressive and chaotic. One thing is for sure, Myopic can be quite unexpected.

A post-metal influence is evident in the album's title track. I immediately thought early tracks from bands like Mastodon and even The Ocean. The second track, "Iron Towers," takes more chances. It moves from a driving hardcore pulse into riff sections that seem more militaristic and black metal inspired that carry through to the end. This was my favorite track.

Track three, "Backstitch," starts with some spoken word sampling and a much more plodding and doomier pace. If this had been the only song, I'd ever heard from Myopic, I would have lumped them in with the swamp of funeral doom proliferating the airwaves at the moment. What's funny though, is that this nearly nine minute missive doesn't remain mired in doom. The pace picks up and affords space for more expansive sections. In the end, I liked the song, even if it did seem a bit too long.

After our initial listen, I found the last song the most perplexing because it seemed very experimental and unlike the other three songs I'd just heard. Later, I was told by a member of Myopic that "Lord of Damnation" was a cover of a song by the Swedish progressive death metal band Carbonized. Since I was unfamiliar with the original band and song, I did not pick up on this fact. I went back and listened to the Carbonized version and agree that they did an admirable job of interpreting this musically complex and avant garde composition.

Overall, I plan to continue letting Beyond the Mirror's Edge seep into my subconscious through repeated listening. I am anxious to see them live and hear what other surprises they may have in store. Listen here.