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My Latest Brew Love - Mystic Vinland Two Farmhouse Ale

My Latest Brew Love
Don Roine, NE Beer Examiner

Mystic Brewery Vinland Two


12.68oz dark brown bottle, corked & caged, served in a fluted goblet.
Batch #001, 7.3% ABV (Vinland One weighed in at 6.5% ABV)

"Farmhouse Ale brewed with Native Yeasts Cultured from Maine Lowbush Blueberries"

This lovely Saison pours a slightly hazy golden color with just a touch of amber hue in the highlights. The spritzy and foamy 2” off-white head fades ever so slowly. Loads of clinging webbed lacing follow the liquid in rings, recording the volume and frequency of each satisfying gulp.

The aromas are quite Saison-like, but depart into places never before explored. A musty and slightly earthy smell rises at first pour, followed by the typical yeasty, citrusy, hoppy, malty, spice and woody aromas associated with the style. Underlying smells of dried grass, leather, smashed berries, juniper, distant smoke and a slight whiff of gin make for a uniquely interesting aroma profile.

The flavors also represent the style quite nicely, but as in the aroma, the flavors take on a few appealing twists and turns. The toasted malt and hop profiles are very balanced and in tune with the yeasty and musty tastes of a typical Farmhouse Ale. Fairly aggressive tastes of tart plums, macerated berries, tobacco, gin and orange zest mingle and meet during the first few gulps, then blend nicely into one satisfying, gulpable, velvety liquid.

All aromas and flavors of beers, no matter the style, will naturally transform and balance themselves once they’re released from their enclosures and begin to warm, but Vinland Two (and One) goes many steps further to create new and interesting paths down the olfactory and taste bud freeway.

This review actually required 2 Vinland Twos to complete. I drank the first to shake off a difficult, dreary and drizzly day. The second one (for a photo op and review) was all the more gratifying and enjoyable.


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