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My Kind of Crazy is an enjoyable romance

“My Kind of Crazy” by Katie O’Sullivan is a contemporary, steamy romance set in New England
“My Kind of Crazy” by Katie O’Sullivan is a contemporary, steamy romance set in New England
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“My Kind of Crazy” by Katie O’Sullivan


“My Kind of Crazy” by Katie O’Sullivan is a contemporary, steamy romance set in New England. Kendall Roarke is betting everything on making her bed and breakfast into the premier wedding destination on Cape Cod, despite her recent messy divorce. Jonathan Reynolds moved back to the Cape to take over his uncle's veterinary business and start fresh after his own marriage ended.

Kendall’s best friend asks her to be a foster home for a St. Bernard puppy that was left at the animal shelter. The puppy acts as a catalyst to bring the two characters together with a common interest. Taking on a puppy that causes damage while trying to renovate an older home in time for the summer vacation season is a crazy idea, but as her friend points out, everyone is crazy, the secret is to find someone who is your kind of crazy.

The book is well written and nicely plotted, with a simple story about life in a small town, old friends, and pitching in to help when needed. The story is different from other romances because it includes a touch of mystery, but in an unusual way. The small town has a rumor mill that can twist a story into a wild speculation. At first, Kendall believes a rumor about Jon, to set the scene about how rumors get started in that town. Then her new next door neighbor accuses her of being a lesbian, and starts telling stories about her vicious dog at the local pub. Then, when the neighbor’s house burns down, the police question Kendall, thinking that she may have set the fire. The rumors people are telling serve as false leads and clues about what really happened. Kendall isn’t a detective, but since the rumors affect her business, she has a right to know the truth.

The book is steamy and contains foul language. The use of both wasn’t well motivated in my opinion. First Kendall says she wants to take it slow, just kissing, and then a few pages later, she gives in and gives it all away. A strong woman wouldn’t do that. A respectable, professional woman who cares about her reputation wouldn’t do that. A hard won trophy is highly cherished. I would have liked more emotional conflict about resisting temptation in both of the characters.

The foul language wasn’t motivated enough, either. Anyone who is involved with customer service has to watch their mouth, because a wrong word at the wrong time will cost them a sale. While I was willing to let the bad guy use bad language to prove how bad he really is, it wasn’t called for in the rest of the cast. The language made the characters less professional and less respectable.

Other than a lack of professionalism and dedication, the story is quite enjoyable and well written.

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