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My Blow Out Bar Salon and Beauty bar

My Blow Out Bar Express bar
My Blow Out Bar Express bar
JCBE/ My Blow Out Bar

My Blow out Bar / PhytoSpecific Treatment


My Blow Out bar located at 127 Christopher Columbus Ave in Jersey City is the new hot spot for straight tresses . Located steps away from the Grove Street path. It is fashioned like a high end NYC spa salon without the expensive price tag.

Store front
My Blow Out Bar

The first experience I had was being greeted by owner Lee Rodiquino upon arrival . I was fashionably late as it was raining and I had to run back to get an umbrella. But all was well .
" I've set you up with Carlton Icon he'll take care of you"she said " Carleton is a PhytoSpecific trained stylist that would be working on me.

What you'll notice immediately is the decor of this salon . A bright white clean decor and crystal chandeliers create a stylish luxe look. The floor to ceiling window space upfront and high ceilings create the illusion of a much larger space. That is the interior design work of Lee's business partner Londell. In fact ,I was told by my stylist the space used to be a carriage house for horses in the old days of Jersey City.

I waited a few minutes for Carleton's consultation with me to assess my needs and concerns with my hair . It was shedding a bit from me not bothering to comb it for longer than I'd like to admit ."I've been top knotting for a while"I mentioned.

If you are waiting for a service or during the service guests are offered a choice of beverages (coffee, tea wine or mimosa)

My PhytoSpecific treatment actually started at home . I first soaked my hair in a pre wash oil treatment of the new PhytoSpecific Baobab oil . At the salon my hair was washed with a PhytoSpecific shampoo leaving it feeling clean but not stripped. Next, my hair was conditioned using the steam method with PhytoSpecific Intense Nutrition Mask with plant marrow for about 40 Minutes.

After rinsing out the mask my hair was blown out carefully,trimmed, flat ironed, and curled. I highly recommend the PhytoSpecific treatment at My Blow Out Bar if your hair needs repairing. I left with soft moisturized bouncy hair .5 days later it's still soft and silky.