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Mutilation Rites and Full Of Hell: Last of the metal shows at Kobo Live Music

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Last of their kind.


Once upon a time in a dingy, little dive of a club on High Street in Columbus, Ohio, two bands co-headlined what was to become one of the very last metal shows at Kobo Live Music. On February 23, 2014 Mutilation Rites, Full Of Hell and the crowd they drew in on a Sunday night became one of the tumultuous live music experiences that eventually led the bar to announce via FaceBook that they would no longer hold any concerts that result in moshing or violence of any sort. Kobo simply was not the right type of environment for the crowd that is drawn in by bands of this caliber. The decision to move on from this genre of music was a good move for the bar. Artists and fans of extreme music will be perfectly happy to move on to a bigger venue that is a little more aptly prepared for the enormous sound, and the enormous response elicited from concert goers.

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It would seem in hindsight that the bands were at the front of the storm that brooded its dark cloud over Kobo and eventually led the owners to decide to stop hosting any shows that attract a savage crowd. The last straw was after a performance by Rotting Out on March 10th. Apparently things got quite out of hand and the place took a beating. The house sound equipment was damaged significantly. As further evidence of the change, the next show scheduled at Kobo, Veil Of Maya with Reflections, Bless The Child, and Denounce Your Martyr!, scheduled for March 19th, was moved to Skullys Music Diner.

As for Mutilation Rites and Full Of Hell just having the opportunity to see them live was enough to satisfy the small Sunday crowd on February 23rd, despite sub par conditions and a rather poor atmosphere. The artists did not receive the best hospitality and found the sound staff to be borderline apathetic. However, they made the best of the situation, as professionals do, and put on one hell of a show.