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Comics as an investment: 'The Wicked + The Divine' #1

Must buy in the week of June 18, 2014
Must buy in the week of June 18, 2014
Image Comics

The Wicked + The Divine


Every week, consumers are flanked with batches and batches of new comic books that compete for a spot on their pull list. Those can range between well established superhero books to graphic content independent comics from smaller publishers. As a booming industry, many comics can be purchased with a profit margin in mind. It takes patience, research and plenty of luck to make it big, but it is possible to make money as a fan of comic books.

For example, Image Comics' "Saga," "Thief of Thieves," "Peter Panzerfaust," and of course "The Walking Dead" have all seen significant spikes in their first few issues of their respective series. Newer books like "Sex Criminals" and "Pretty Deadly" also hold potential increases. These articles will take a look at what is a must buy for their potential in profit margin. It's better to catch on early than later as falling behind a week can make all the difference between a $3 comic and a $15 comic.

Week of June 18, 2014.
Image Comics
"The Wicked + The Divine" Issue #1
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art: Jaime McKelvie

The highly anticipated new creator owned series by "Young Avengers" team Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie has finally hit shelves and what a mind bending issue it was. Published by Image Comics, "The Wicked + The Divine" or WicDiv as comic sites are abbreviating it as, tells the story of Gods who live among the mortals. Issue #1 introduces us to a world where Gods incarnate as humans for the span of two years before dying. They live their lives like pop stars, garnering huge populations of followers.

One of those followers we are introduced to is Laura who is a music fan. The world of WicDiv paves for a perfect dilemma of analyzing our society and how we portray groupies and cults. What really is the difference between groupies for a music artist and a cult member? Issue #1 already throws the reader into a pit of debate between religion and science as we do not know if these God's really are who they say they are.

Luci, a central character in this issue, demonstrates the will of a God yet at the issue's end we are still left wondering whether her actions were that of a cleverly planned hoax or truly divine. Gillen crafts a tremendous sense of cockiness in Luci that you love to hate. She is conceited to the point where you fall into her trap and believe what she says.

We are also introduced to another one of the 12 Gods, Amaterasu who was the God which Laura was attending the concert for. Her appearance is divine and unmatched and no one can resist her will. When a reporter accuses her of fraud, we get to see another side of her. It was rather unbelievable for a reporter to consistently throw out f-bombs while being filmed live. Many writers are guilty of overusing cuss words because they perceive that to be a part of our society. It isn't. Gillen is guilty of this. In fact, the heightened tension of the scene would have been more effective without the cussing as it was misplaced and deterred from the rhythm of the sentences.

WicDiv retouches that age old topic of whether super beings can exist within humanity. What is the difference between a pop star and a God if people worship them the same? They hang pictures of both on their walls at home don't they? They listen to their words with ideological thoughts all the same.

As far as investment potential goes, this WicDiv is no sure bet. We've seen promising books like "Nowhere Men" spike up after critical acclaim and then disappear and decline weeks after the initial spike. Take a plunge if you can afford to add a book to your pull list.

Investment Potential: 3/5 "No sure bet, but a solid story and first issue may very well garner a spot on your pull list."

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