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[Music Review] Roxanna's CLOSE YOUR EYES

Singer/Songwriter Roxanna's single CLOSE YOUR EYES


“I believe music can heal. I believe music can soothe. I believe music is the language of the heart and soul. I believe you can spin tragedy into beauty.” ~ Roxanna
Miles High Productions

We've all been there: feeling at the end of our rope and not able to see our way out of the situation we find ourselves in.

In her soulful ballad CLOSE YOUR EYES singer/songwriter Roxanna reminds us that we don't have to go through these things alone. "You say how your world is closing in," she sings. "Feels as if the sun will never come this way again. And all these days you've been running like a river that is rushing to the edge and you're falling in too deep." Her solution to find some peace? "Close your eyes. I'll be here keeping guard by your side 'til your worries are melting away and your dreams start to carry you far from sorrow. Close your eyes. I'll be here 'til the sun rise."

It's true we might not be able to know exactly what the next woman or man is dealing with but we can be there for them. "I wish I could make them go away," Roxanna sings. "All those shadows chasing you, but please don't be afraid. You'll break through, but all you need to do for now is rest here for a while until tomorrow comes for you."

Yes, the breakthrough is coming. All we have to do is hold on and wait for it, never giving up. "In time you'll find you're stronger than you ever knew before." That encouragement allows us to know that by hanging in there we'll be able to get to the other side of whatever storm we are going through.

Delivered as only she could, Roxanna's CLOSE YOUR EYES reminds us that the sun will shine again.

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