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Music Review: CMG presents 'Chapter One'

CMG Presents - Chapter One Mixtape


L.A. Reid made a bold move when he recruited Yo Gotti and brought the CMG label into the Epic Records fold. Gotti made a wise business move when he signed his multi-million dollar deal with the powerhouse imprint from the Sony Music Entertainment family.

CMG Presents - Chapter One

Next, Gotti snatched up the hottest talent he could find and proceeded to fire nuclear hip-hop missiles from the CMG headquarters. CMG is home to three young lions, Zed Zilla, Snootie Wild and Wave Chapelle, and all have something different and compelling about their music that brought them to the attention of the CMG honcho.

In the upcoming June issue of The Hype Magazine, they speak to the entire CMG camp and discuss their industry takeover as well as how the new additions found out that Gotti was interested in them. Gotti himself talks with us about how it feels to have the Epic Records' machine on his side! CMG is the cover story for our summer issue #85 and hits stores June 26.

Ok, now to the purpose of this piece, reviewing of the first label project from CMG entitled "Chapter One" which represents the global launch of the brand and showcases just what drew Gotti to his signees.

Standout joints

"Chapter One" is a 16 track straight through listen. Strangely enough, the song that spoke most powerfully to me was "Made Me" Ft. K. Camp. "Made Me" is a straight talk joint about grinding in the street, late night creeps and big move hustling to go from the streets to the suites. In The Hype Magazine interviews with the CMG camp, that was a common link in the life experiences of the majority. Anybody who has come from the struggle and now able to pay their bills without robbing Peter to pay Paul will understand this one.

Next up for this writer is Gotti's "Been Thru It All." Powerful and poignant story this one…This one makes you think and reflect on one's life and tells the story of someone who has been "Bout That Life," and takes you on an unforgettable ride. You might find yourself lost in thought as you reflect and relate your life to this song…it's an acknowledgment of the intestinal fortitude and awareness of the ways of the world it takes to make it through the maze of life to success. Gotti is currently recording for his 5th album.

Lyrically "Different Ways" Ft. CMG signee Wave Chapelle brings another flavor with Wave's machine-gun flow and lyrical presentation. Hip-hop is well served with the addition of this young lion to the legacy of Emcees…Yup, Wave qualifies as an Emcee, not just a rapper; he's got that undefinable thing that makes him standout from the crowd. Looking forward to his upcoming solo project.

Snootie Wild rocks the mic in his signature sing-song style on the hit "Stackin & Flippin It" and though the story is serious, his lyrical presentation is going to make him a crowd favorite…Can you say, "universal star?" I am… Stay tuned for Snootie's solo project which should be hella dope.

"No Kissing" Ft. Zed Zilla was a fun ride…Loved the lyrics and storyline of this one…We could call it a modern day player's anthem…Zed flat out rides the track like the experienced pro he is and tells it like it is for a young man out there dealing with a mob of females from which to choose. There is no disrespect in this joint towards females and, there are some women out there that this song applies to as well…Feeling it! Next to Gotti, Zed Zilla is the most experienced in the CMG camp, and he's got his lane on lock!

Overall Rating: A very very very rare 5/5…there are no weak links on this project. Musicality, lyrical content and production are air-tight!!! If I were a psychic, I would predict "Chapter One" to be the mixtape/compilation of the year for 2014.

If you dig the music, you will love their stories! June 26 you can read The Hype Magazine exclusive interviews with the hottest label coming out of the South right now…These cats are tight…period!

CMG is currently traveling on their "Chapter One" tour and you can keep up will everything CMG here.


Twitter: @YoGottiKOM @SnootieWild @ZedZilla1 @BLMNWAVE (Wave Chapelle)

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