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Music, by Andrew Zuckerman

Music by Andrew Zuckerman
Andrew Zuckerman

Book "Music"


Music gives us interviews from 48 well-known musicians of our age, talking about the music they love. This book is a fusion between outstanding portrait photography, filmmaking and modern minimal design. Creator Andrew Zuckerman's hyper-real portrait photography with black and white minimal design is as crisp as a visual documentary. Through the musician’s words, he makes sound come alive as well. (Just how does he do it? more on Zuckerman below).

Music, the book, is a transcribed account of 48 interviews from the accompanying feature film, also called Music. Here’s a selection from 48 contemporary musicians who shed light on the secrets of their process and passion.

“Music transcends all barriers. It is just like the ecstasy of finding gems in the vast ocean.” Ravi Shankar

“I think human beings are here in order to add something of value to the quality of life, for themselves, and for other human beings.” Herbie Handcock

“What hip hop provided for myself and for a lot of people was an outlet that was positive and a way to express oneself.” Common

“Every song, to some degree, is an accident.” John Legend

“Music is what I am. Everything else is what I do.” Kenny Rogers

"What’s really important here is that there’s a link, there’s a nexus of connection that’s being made by music and the connection is the profound thing." John Williams

There’s a portrait of Stravinsky in my studio staring right at me…and here’s what he’s telling me: "You pretentious talentless little fuck. Who the hell do you think you are? You know absolutely nothing. But do ahead and give it your best shot.” And that’s exactly what I try to do every day. Danny Elfman

“I don’t play an instrument. I don’t really know how to sing. But it’s this thing within me.” Ozzy Osbourne

“Bands work, on the highest level, when there’s submission to a greater thing.” David Crosby

“I find inspiration in the smallest of places” Bernard Purdie

“The reality of the situation is it took me writing for three weeks and getting nowhere to be open enough to have these kind of thoughts pass through my mind. If not, I wouldn’t have been there with a guitar in my hand when the idea passed through my mind to capture it.” Ben Gibbard

"How do I say this without sounding totally crazy? But it almost doesn’t matter what music is.” Levine and Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5

“I don’t have time to do half of what I want to do. it’s pretty much an avalanche.” I could sit and work on music for 24 hours—it’s fun, easy and natural, and doesn’t even feel like work.” Julian Casablancas

“Musically, there’s almost no path that isn’t worth taking.” Jim James

“One of the secrets to making music was to be open and not judge what you’re doing while you’re doing it.” Karen O

“My soul speaks to me through music” Sinéad O’Connor

“I subscribe to the theory that art is made to be broken.” Billy Corgan

About the author's technique:

Andrew Zuckerman sees beauty in the minimal. He loves three things: stark white background, Helvetica type, and the freezing of a moment in intimate time. In Music, he shoots each subject so close, that a look reveals a study of the skin. Every subject is put in front of a stark white backdrop with bright lighting. That includes birds of prey in mid-flight, monkeys, roaring lions, insects, etc. Andrew Zuckerman shoots and films minute instances of the natural world and the human world: insects, baby animals, hyper detailed shots of exotic and gigantic birds in flight, time-lapses of awakening plant life and interviews with prominent people. Wikipedia cites that he “has a comprehensive mobile studio, consisting of fourteen cases of equipment, with which Zuckerman has traveled the world in order to situate all of his subjects in the same space.” The description on the sleeve of Music cites: “His goal is to allow an object, an environment, or a living creature to be seen and experienced for exactly what it is, as stripped from artistic imposition as possible…Ultimately, the volumes will comprise a singular view of both the animal and human world, brought into focus under one lens, in one light.”

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